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PoliticsFitzU takes on Inauguration day

Friday, January 20th, the much anticipated Presidential Inauguration for Donald Trump finally arrived. Five Franklin Pierce University students and Professor Heather Tullio awake at 5:45 AM, ate a quick breakfast at 6:00 AM, and made their way to the Metro with hundreds of other Americans.

“I was happy to have a blue ticket,” Ashley Stevens ’17 said, explaining that she had a clear view of the stage.

Images of Hillary Clinton on the lawn viewing screen were met with chants of “lock her up!” by Trump supporters, while protestors demanded the release of Guantanamo Bay prisoners. The division between the two groups was clear.

Protesters against torture lined the streets at the blue ticket entrance. Photo by Amanda Holland ’18

“I figured there would be more excitement on Inauguration Day,” Amanda Holland ’18 said. “But this just seemed to be nothing but chaos.”

The ceremony ended just after noon, and plans to meet up with the other Franklin Pierce University students at the American History Museum was out of the question. A few minutes later, cop cars, white vans, and an ambulance flew by the restaurant in the direction of the Mall.

“The protestors are breaking windows,” Professor Tullio said, checking her phone for any news. By 1:30 PM, there were 95 arrests and 1 injured police officer as protestors smashed things. Trashcan fires were set alight as the night went on, and arrests numbered in the 200s. “They even set fire to a limousine!” Sophia Venezia ’20 exclaimed.

“Experiencing this Inauguration was a once and a lifetime event. I learned so much being able to attend this trip, I will never forget it.” Luke Thresher ’18.

The members of PoliticsFitzU who had the lucky blue tickets. (Left to Right) Anna Watkins ’20, Amanda Holland ’18, Sophia Venezia ’20, Ashley Stevens ’17, and Luke Tracy ’19. Photo by Heather Tullio


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