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Freshman candidates stand alone

by Emily Catuccio

The freshman candidates for Student Government Association collectively gathered in the freshman courtyard and awaited to answer questions from perspective voters on Friday, September 9th, a few days before SGA elections.

The small group of candidates was ready to answer questions, but there were no possible voters to ask them. Freshman students walked by on their way to dinner at the cafeteria, but no one seemed to be aware that their next potential class president was standing right there.

Freshman and perspective voter Elizabeth Jurgilewicz was one of few curious She was unaware of who was running because no one had approached her and asked for her vote. She had not seen advertisements for any of the candidates, and was surprised about how elections were handled here at Franklin Pierce.

“At my old school people cared about who was running. The candidates would sit in the cafeteria and hand out flyers” said Jurgilewicz, “here it seems like the candidates don’t have any interest in running.”

Jessica Harpell, who is running for freshman class president, wants to change that. After being here only two weeks, Harpell already views Franklin Pierce as her home, and she wants others to feel apart of the community as well.

“Students are more likely to stay if we’re a community,” said Harpell. She hopes to move the school in a positive direction while also being a voice for the freshman class. “I want to see the best for our school.”

Harpell was involved with SGA during high school, and served as class president her freshman year. She also was the head of fundraising, and put on a variety of events.

Harpell kept a positive outlook and said even if she doesn’t win, she still hopes to be able to help represent her class in a senator seat on the executive board.

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