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Trump and Clinton frontrunners

by: Abbie Trombly

The 2016 primary elections are nearing the end, with about two months left, and it has been a tight race for both democrat and republican nominee hopefuls.

In the GOP race, Donald Trump has won 20 states, Senator Ted Cruz has won ten, and Governor John Kasich won in his home state of Ohio.

In the Democratic race, Senator Bernie Sanders won 15 states, and Secretary Hillary Clinton won 19.

Clinton and Trump are leading the pack with the most delegates. Trump with 845 and Clinton with 1,941.

The most recent primary elections were in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Trump took all five states, and Clinton won four over Sanders.

With Trump having a substantial lead, Cruz and Kasich have joined forces to try to take the nomination out from under Trump. Cruz will focus on Indiana, and Kasich will take on Oregon and New Mexico. The hope is to deny trump the remaining necessary 1,237 delegates.

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