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Countdown of the top five reasons why you should join the WL certificate program

The Women in Leadership (WL) blog is back for the summer! For those who are new to the Pierce Arrow Blogs, my name is Val Armstrong and I am part of the WL certificate program at Franklin Pierce. I major in mathematics and I’m about to enter my senior year (yikes!). I am also the Managing Editor of the Pierce Arrow for the upcoming year.My decision to become part of the WL program was partly due to my realization that I am a feminist (see blog post “One day…”). Though other members of the certificate program could share with you their own personal reasons for joining the program, there are a few reasons that we could probably all agree on. I hope that sharing these top 5 reasons will motivate you to talk with your advisors or the admissions staff about entering the program this coming fall.

Countdown of the top five reasons why you should join the WL certificate program

5) You have a chance to write The Newsflush
— For those of you who have yet to encounter The Newsflush, it is the bi-monthly publication by the WL program that can be seen on campus in a bathroom stall near you. It may seem like a weird spot, but it gets every body’s attention! Last year, thanks to recent graduate and WL certificate recipient Ray Carmody ’12, we added the Queer Series as part of our publication, which focuses on the latest GLBT+ news and issues.

4) Most of the credits can count towards your major
— If you are majoring in psychology, sociology, social work & counseling, history, anthropology, english, or mass communications, there are certain number of “elective” credits that are required to complete the certificate that can also be required or elective credits that count towards your major too! Additionally, most internships that are required as part of your major can also be counted towards your WL internship requirement. This can leave you with plenty of room in your schedule to take up any additional classes you may need or want (or take extra WL electives!).

3) It can fit easily into any academic plan
— Did you know that this certificate program only requires 13 credits of you time? With a minimum of 120 credits required in order to graduate, this program will only take up about 10% of your academic plan. So even if you happen to be a double-major or entering your junior year in the fall, there’s always a way to fit this program into your seemingly crazy schedule.

2) You or someone you know has been affected by gender issues or discrimination
— Being personally affected by or knowing someone that has faced gender discrimination is one of the most common reasons why many have decided to join the program. Through various events we sponsor, such as the viewing of Miss Representation (see blog post) to the book group and panel discussions, we attempt to reach out to those in community who need support and help to empower the female leaders of tomorrow.

1) The people you meet and work with
— There are so many great things that could be said about our program director, Dr. Donna Decker, that this blog alone could never cover them all. Dr. Decker is a wonderful advisor who works with all the WL certificate candidates and is always there to help any student who asks. Along with Dr. Decker, the WL Committee, the professors who teach the courses, and other members of the program are some my favorite people on campus. I greatly appreciate all the time I have spent with them in and outside of the classroom and the support they have offered to me and other students over the years.

If you are interested in learning more about the WL program, please contact the WL program director, Dr. Donna Decker at or myself at

Val Armstrong
Pierce Arrow Managing Editor

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