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The 41st Earth Day is coming up…4/20

Ok, so one week left until the 41st Earth Day.  It is such a unique day, a holiday every person on the globe can celebrate together.  The holiday is not for one race, religion or creed.  It is not just for the Ecology Clubs or Environmentalists of the world, nor just the Patagonia-wearing activists or tree-hugging hippies.  It’s a celebration for every person, from every walk of life, regardless if we are practicing sustainable lifestyles, or hesitant to believe the ‘hype’. We are all on this ride through the galaxy together, our insignificance, so significant.

To me, Earth Day is not about “Saving Our Earth”, as it would do just fine without us (perhaps better), but rather to take a moment and be grateful for the tree my kids are climbing, the water I have in my cup, the air I can breathe safely, those I have around me, friends and souls I have yet to meet, and know that the moment, my moment, may only be just that.  Earth Day is a chance to consciously conger these moments as much as I can, while I am here, breathe deep and enjoy the ride.

Michelle Comeau
Pierce Arrow Blogger 

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