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Juniors steal first place in gameshow “How Well Do Ya Know Em?”

by John Gerke ’22

There was a huge turnout at the gameshow, “How Well Do Ya Know Em?” on Saturday, November 10th, in Spagnuolo Hall.

Six pairs of students were selected by the class of 2020 to compete in an amusing trivia match. Sitting back to back, one student would need to predict their partner’s response to a question. After about five questions, the partners would switch roles. These questions ranged from simple knowledge, such as birthdays, to more personal ones, such as phobias. The audience seemed to love the questions as laughter was rampant.

“I thought the questions were great,” said freshman Scott Davagian. “They were very diverse or just plain random.”

By the end of the competition, juniors Rebekah Hazleton and Erin Kelly won first place and took home two $100 visa gift cards.

Other winners were juniors Kyle Monahan and Ian Furtado, juniors Kathryn Cunningham and Lauren Sears, juniors Savannah LeBlanc and Hailey Derosa, junior Jess Strack and senior Dom Bethea, and sophomores Hannah Scwack-Trovitch and Dakota Hines. They also received great prizes, such as hydro flasks, fit bits, and gift cards to Chipotle, Sandwich Master, and Fandango.

Since there was such as huge turn out, it satisfied the goal of making this an enjoyable event for students, according to Bryanna Williams, class of 2020 senator.

This event was at 8 p.m and hosted by the Class of 2020.


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