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To all Boston sports fans: savor the moment, enjoy the ride

by Paul Lambert ’22

Boston hosted the most recent championship duck boat parade for the Boston Red Sox, who won their fourth World Series in the last 15 years, last Wednesday.

This was the eleventh parade held by the city since January of 2002, when the New England Patriots won their first Super Bowl. Since then, the Patriots have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy four more times, the Red Sox have four World Series victories of their own, along with the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins each having a title apiece.

For Franklin Pierce students, there hasn’t been a time we can remember that there hasn’t been at least one Boston team contending for a championship. We’ve been spoiled on a level unseen by any other sports city in America as Boston has seen multiple championships in a 12-month span. In February of 2004, the Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVIII. That October, the Red Sox exorcised their demons, winning their first World Series in 86 years. Then, the Patriots won yet another championship in February of 2005.

What makes the run all the more amazing is the absolute turnaround of the state of Boston teams. The 1990s were full of lean years, as Boston teams failed to win a single title that decade, and only made two championship appearances in that timeframe. It truly has been a complete 180-degree swing.

No matter how strong they are, however, empires always end up falling. Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, isn’t getting any younger. The Red Sox have some tough decisions to make with upcoming free agents. The Celtics and Bruins, while strong, haven’t made it to their respective championship series for some time now.

Someday, there will be a time when Boston fans won’t be able to count on a championship at least once every couple of years.

But all of that can wait till later. There’s always time to worry. For now, sit back, soak in the success and enjoy the ride. It’s just more fun that way.

After all, the parades haven’t gotten boring yet.

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