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A Very Wicked Halloween: Celebrating 15 years on Broadway Recap

by Jenn Rehm ’21

Broadway’s original Elphaba and Glinda reunited on stage to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Tony winning musical, Wicked. 

For those unaware, Wicked The Musical follows the perspective of two unlikely friends, Elphaba and Glinda from the Wizard of Oz, and their search for the wizard, which in turn lead them to different destinies.

Idina Menzel (Elphaba) and Kristin Chenoweth (Glinda) hosted the show by sharing  stories and some of their favorite memories of playing these iconic roles 15 years ago. Both actresses answered questions, such as how the green makeup is applied every night and where the dresses they wore are now being held.  Also, they shared fun facts with the viewers and audience, which included how much lighting it took to light up the set.

Guest performers, included Ariana Grande, Adam Lambert, and The Pentatonix, sang songs from the musical, including The Wizard and I and As long as You’re Mine. Also, Chenowet gave a memorable performance of Popular, along with Menzel doing an as equally memorable performance of Defying Gravity. In addition, a video of the song, One Short Day was, performed by the current Wicked Broadway company, was shown.

The audience, along with viewers at home, were able to laugh at stories and sing along to the songs that made the musical famous. Some audience members were even dressed up as characters from the musical.

For the last performance of the anniversary special, audience members watched as the hosts performed For Good, which is beloved by every Wicked fan because of its emotional words and beautiful meaning. With their power vocals, the two broadway stars gave an emotional performance, just like they had done 15 years ago. As the song went on, past actresses, who played Glinda and Elphaba on broadway, joined the two originals on stage to sing. This reminded us why Wicked is such a beloved musical and why it has lived on for 15 years.


Photo by WxMom. 

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