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A few members of PoliticsFitzU stayed behind to cover the Women’s March

By Anna Watkins ’20

On the last day of PoliticsFitzU and Granite State Student Voice time in Washington D.C., three of the nine students from PoliticsFitzU, along with Dr. Kristen Nevious and Professor Heather Tullio, choose to stay behind to report on the Women’s March.

The protests of the Presidential Inauguration continued into Saturday with the National Women’s March. Cab drivers commented to the PoliticsFitzU group about the difference in crowd size, the Women’s March being much bigger than the Inauguration the day before.

Even street merchants could see the difference in merchandise sales, showing the leftover Trump shirts compared to the fast-going Women’s March merchandise.

Hundreds and thousands of people, men, women, and children alike,  gathered to lend their voices to what they believed in.

“I was surprised to see all of the men at the march supporting the women there. It was great to see men and women coming together for a great cause” said Anna Watkins ’20.

Signs that stuck out to the PoliticsFitzU group included “I’M MARCHING FOR HER,” “WOMEN WON’T BACK DOWN,” “ALL WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS,” and “MY BODY MY CHOICE.”

Opinions about women’s rights truly showed the American idea of having our voices heard. The 2017 Women’s March is truly a historical event that people will not be forgetting anytime soon.

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