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Inauguration trip day 1 recap

After having an early breakfast, PoliticsFitzU and Granite State Student Voice members departed the Embassy Suites Hotel to catch a glimpse of the historic National Archives.

The National Archives are widely known for holding historical artifacts such as the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. Archive policies disallow photography in the exhibits in order to maintain the condition of the old documents.

The three documents, though the main attraction, are not all that is held inside. Documents written by presidents, voice recordings, and images from our nation’s past are stored within the walls of the National Archives.

Freshman Anna Watkins said, “you sit in a classroom reading and seeing pictures of these documents, and you never think you will actually be able to see them in real life, it is a surreal moment.”

All eight of the students agreed that the archives were the best event of the day, and is a must see if one is ever visiting Washington D.C.

“The experience at the National Archives helped to build further anticipation for the Make America Great Again Welcome Concert on Thursday and the Inauguration on Friday” said Ashley Stevens ’17.

PoliticsFitzU and GSSV members visited with Representative Ann Kuster’s Legislative Directer, Justin German, and Press Secretary, Nick Brown for an off the record interview.

During the interview, Press Secretary Brown answered questions about the general day of working on Capital Hill, as well as, what kinds of jobs are offered on the Hill. Brown talked about some of the goals Kuster’s team has going forward. He also spoke about what type of ways they reach constituents through social media and other media outlets.

Legislative Director for Rep. Ann Kuster, Justin German (far right) and Press Secretary for Ann Kuster, Nick Brown (to his left) speak to Politics FitzU and GSSV members (Photo: Heather Tullio)
Franklin Pierce students sitting outside the National Archives surrounding the National Mall in Washington D.C.

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