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Day 4 at the DNC

By Nicole Dale

The final day of the Democratic National Convention is coming to an end for Politics FitzU. Politics FitzU members have experienced and learned so much from this convention, as well as, the Republican National Convention.

Alex Malm ’17 covered the Rhode Island Delegates breakfast this morning. Malm took videos and interviewed Congressmen Jim Langevin of Rhode Island along side Patrick Delaney ’17. In this interview, Langevin spoke about why he understands where Bernie Sanders supporters are coming from in their protests, and he believes that Hillary Clinton is the best choice for down-ballot democrats.

“Looking back, these two conventions were quite a learning experience for me. The best thing I learned was being able to produce quality videos and information on the fly “ said Malm.

Margaret Bell ’18, CeLynn Siemons ’20, Jonathan Spall ’18, Amanda Holland ’18, Dr. Nevious, and Kelsey Parker ’20 went to the Philadelphia Convention Center to pick up the passes needed to get into the convention. They also took this time to buy gear, take photos, and take advantage of free things that were being handed out (buttons, stickers, bags etc.)

Afterwards they headed back to the hotel to complete interviews of all the students.

Matt Scoville ’18, Delaney, and Professor Tullio filmed closing interviews with the students about the trip. However, the interviews got cut short because of torrential downpour. To improvise, they tried filming under a balcony at the hotel, but the rain and thunder became too much. The rain was so strong it was starting to get on the equipment and it soaked Professor Tullio, so  they decided to go inside and write articles and edit the film.

When asked about a learning experience from this convention, Siemons said “I really enjoyed learning how to use the virtual reality 360 degree video setup. Being able to have access to this technology allowed us to upload great footage for all of our viewers.”

“It has been an exhilarating two weeks. The students have been amazing! They bonded as a team, they proofread each other’s Tweets, and supported each other every step of the way. Kristen and I are so proud of them. They have worked hard, and done very professional work here” Professor Tullio said reflecting on these past two conventions.

Two weeks down, and two conventions later, Politics FitzU is finally coming back home to Rindge, NH.


Maggie, Matt, Professor Tullio, and CeLynn on the ground floor of the convention center | Photo: Poltics FitzU Staff
Amanda, Kelsey, Jon, CeLynn, and Maggie inside the convention center | Photo: Politics FitzU Staff

Nicole Dale is a Graduate Assistant for The Fitzwater Center for Communications and is getting her Master’s in Leadership. She graduated from Franklin Pierce University this past May with a business management major and sports and recreation management minor. She is from Long Island, NY. 

For more updates and information follow the members of Politics FitzU on Twitter @PoliticsFitzU.

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