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PoliticsFitzU team arrives at the DNC during email leak

By Alex Powell ’17


The team is on the ground and the stage is set for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. PoliticsFitzU is ready to bring viewers, readers, and followers coverage of what is shaping up to be a controversial and historic convention.

DNC-Powell at podium
Alex Powell ’17 poses from a podium upon arrival at the DNC. Photo | PoliticsFitzU
The team arrived in Philadelphia on Sunday amidst a damaging email leak by Wikileaks from the DNC. The reveal of the emails has led to the resignation of Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who says she will step down after the convention. Veteran Democratic strategist Donna Brazile will serve as interim Chairwoman.
Wasserman Schultz_RNC
Democratic Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was in Cleveland for the RNC last week, prior to the leak of damaging emails which forced her to resign a day before the DNC began. Photo | PoliticsFitzU
This is just the latest mishap from the DNC and Clinton campaign that has Sanders delegates in a tough spot as they try to unify the party around a platform that many consider the most progressive of all time. This week will determine mood and set the tone for what the Democrats will bring to the general election in November.
Using various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, and Snapchat the team of student media from Franklin Pierce University will be posting news, photos, videos, and highlights during the four-day convention. In addition the team’s partners the Boston Herald and Pierce Arrow will be publishing articles and videos.
Through out the day the PoliticsFitzU team will continue to post breaking news, protests, and delegate interviews as the convention will be gaveled to order at 4 p.m.
Tonight the team will be on scene for the highly anticipated speakers Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and First Lady Michelle Obama. Sanders the leader of the political revolution and Warren who is considered the voice of the progressive faction will be discussing making the economy work for everyone and not just the top.
Speakers and key figures will also focus on unifying the Democratic party during the tumultuous time.
A petition to support Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination is circulating around the delegates during the first day of the DNC in Philadelphia. Photo | PoliticsFitzU
Alex Powell is a senior Political Science major at Franklin Pierce University and is the former director of PoliticsFitzU. He reported from the Iowa caucus, and has been published by the Boston Herald and Pierce Arrow. He has also been a frequent guest political analyst and commentator on Boston Herald Radio for the show “Primary Matters.” Powell is from Swampscott, Massachusetts. 

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