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Day 1 at the DNC

By Nicole Dale

The first day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention started off with the Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine Delegates breakfast.

PoliticsFitzU members watched a moving speech by Saru Jayaraman from the Restaurant Opportunity Center. Jayaraman spoke about minimum wage for servers and sexual harassment in the workplace. She received a standing ovation following her speech.

After the breakfast, CeLynn Siemons ’20 and other PoliticsFitzU members traveled by Uber to the Wells Fargo Center.

“It was unorganized and chaotic searching for a place to sit,” said Siemons. However, they were able to get Alex Malm ’17, Matt Scoville ’18, and Professor Tullio into the convention center safely.

Inside Wells Fargo Center | Photo: PoliticsFitzU Staff

Margaret Bell ’18 attended the Delegates breakfast to take pictures and live tweet. She, along with Amanda Holland ’20, had the chance to meet reporters from Sky News and discussed reporting at the conventions.

Bell attended a Puerto Rican rally and conducted interviews with supporters. After this rally, Bell got photos of pro Bernie Sanders protestors who were angry that Hilary Clinton will be the nominee.

Pro Bernie Sanders protestor. | Photo: PoliticsFitzU Staff
Kelsey, CeLynn, Maggie, and Professor Tullio waiting to board the train to Philadelphia for the DNC | Photo: PoliticsFitzU Staff


Nicole Dale is a Graduate Assistant for The Fitzwater Center for Communications and is getting her Master’s in Leadership. She graduated from Franklin Pierce University this past May with a business management major and sports and recreation management minor. She is from Long Island, NY. 

For more updates and information follow the members of PoliticsFitzU’s adventures at the Democratic National Convention with @PoliticsFitzU on Twitter.

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