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Day 4 at the RNC

By Nicole Dale

On the fourth and final day, PoliticsFitzU members kept up the energy, while continuously reporting at the RNC.

PoliticsFitzU member Scott Delaura ’17 had the chance to see protestors from the Black Lives Matter movement and the Westboro Baptist Church. Both groups had megaphones and were angrily screaming their message at one another. Officers from nineteen different states were the thin line between these two groups. What was a peaceful protest quickly turned into an all out brawl. “The officers showed nothing but composure the whole time,” said Delaura.

Alex Malm ’17 had the chance to see Vermin Supreme, NH’s presidential candidate, standing there with a boot on his head. This was quite a sight for Malm to see. But Vermin Supreme wasn’t the only  character to appear on the final day of the convention. Cleveland was filled with many different kinds of people.

Malm also saw many different protestors such as members from the Westboro Baptist Church, members protesting gun control, an individual encouraging others to vote for Lebron James, and the Code Pink peacefully running through a water fountain.

“The diverse amount of people at the convention Thursday and this week was remarkable. It made me stop to think about how much diversity exists around the country,” said Malm.

Malm and Ashley Stevens ’17 also had the chance to take photos and talk with Eric Jackman ’09. Jackman, a political science major,  is now a professional Trump impersonator.

Ashley, Eric Jackman, and Alex inside the RNC | Photo: Politics FitzU Staff

Nicole Dale is a Graduate Assistant for The Fitzwater Center for Communications and is getting her Master’s in Leadership. She graduated from Franklin Pierce University this past May and is from Long Island, New York.

For more updates and information follow the members of PoliticsFitzU’s adventures at the Republican National Convention with @PoliticsFitzU on Twitter.

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