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Donald Trump is now officially the nominee

By Alex Malm ’17

Tuesday evening Donald J. Trump officially became the 2016 presidential nominee of the Republican party during the second day of the Convention in Cleveland.

Republican delegates cast their votes to make Donald J. Trump their presidential nominee. Photo | Kelsey Parker ’20

Each state and territory casted their ballots for the nominee of the party on the floor of the Convention.  During this time, the head delegate for each state stands up when called and says how many delegates they are giving for each state.


Despite the fact that states do this as a formality, there is a set amount of delegates that is given to each candidate that has been determined by voters in state primaries and caucuses. Even so, there are some delegates that try to get around this. The District of Columbia tried to do this when they (the delegates)stood up and casted votes for Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz despite being bound to cast ballots for Trump. This attempt was ultimately struck down.

After a few twists and turns of states passing, eventually the official nomination was clinched by Trump’s home state of New York. The delegate who would put him over the top was his own son, Donald Trump, Jr. who describes his father as his best friend.

Alex Malm is a senior political science major at Franklin Pierce University and is the Director of PoliticsFitzU. From Warwick, Rhode Island, this is his first Convention.

Kelsey Parker is an incoming freshman at Franklin Pierce University and is a Fitzwater Scholar. She will major in Health Sciences and is from Dummerston, VT. Follow her on Twitter at @KelseyParkerM.

For more updates and information follow the members of PoliticsFitzU’s adventures at the Republican National Convention with @PoliticsFitzU on Twitter.

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The floor of the RNC is full of delegates casting their pledged votes. Photo | Kelsey Parker ’20
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan addresses the Convention. Photo | Kelsey Parker ’20
Kelsey Parker ’20 poses with a longterm Convention delegate.

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