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G.O.P may need to start believing more in Trump

by Alex Malm

In August I wrote, “Even without a single debate having taken place on the Democratic side, the Republicans have concluded that Hillary Clinton is the one to beat.”

As I review the results of Super Tuesday I realize that the statement only now seems to be half true. After Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton is the clear cut favorite for the Democratic Party, winning numerous states including Texas and Massachusetts that hold value in delegate count, and winning a key state in the general election, Virginia.

But for some G.O.P establishment candidates, Clinton isn’t the only enemy they want to beat. To them the battle is now Trump vs the G.O.P.

Trump had a strong Super Tuesday, winning  Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia,  Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia, and now holds a 90 delegate lead over nearest competitor Ted Cruz. Despite the delegates and states won, competitors still feel Trump doesn’t represent the party’s values. They still believe that the G.O.P can’t allow Trump to be the nominee despite Trump gaining support because of this.

Clinton VS Trump isn’t the name of an upcoming reality TV shows series, it is who we will be fighting in the general election, for President of The United States. If the G.O.P wants any last hope of winning against Clinton in November, they need to stop treating Trump as a party member, and not an enemy.

The G.O.P should take the Chris Christie approach and support Donald Trump.

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