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Governor Kasich makes an appearance at FPU

by Crystal Colon

On Tuesday January 26th Spagnulo Hall was filled with an audience ready to listen to Governor Kasich.

Students, reporters, staff/faculty members, and Rindge locals attended to keep their thoughts open as the race for presidency begins to get closer. Before the event began, a few people share why they attended and how important it is to follow the current election.

FP Senior Joe Beaureguard said, “There are not many times you can see presidential candidates in college. I’m aware of Kasich, but I do not really know much about him so far, so I am anxious to hear what he has to say.”

Another student also showed interest in Kasich as well. Sophomore Johnathon Spall said, “I’m a political science major and I have been following every candidate. I really do like his idea for the state of Ohio to bring jobs back, but based on the election so far, I can see that he will most likely get a cabinet position.”

Some people strongly expressed that everyone should at least have some knowledge of what is occurring in today’s election and of all the people running.

“I grew up in New Hampshire and I want to see all of the candidates,” said staff member Anne Goodrich. “I think all people running in the election should visit Franklin Pierce to bring more knowledge to the students. I feel like there is an obligation for New Hampshire voters to take every candidate seriously and look at both parties to understand each candidate.”

A couple from Rindge also agreed. “We would like to support him to make a decision,” said Tom and Jeanette Uklig. “This is the first meeting we are attending, but we are always staying tuned with politics. We have read a lot about Kasich and are looking for a candidate who would be efficient to getting more things done.”

Not only did locals show interest in Kasich, but one woman took a half hour drive from Massachusetts to attend the event. “I live and vote in Mass. I do not know much about him so I did some research before attending today, said Deb Damon. “I’m interested to see him as a candidate. I watch the debates so I am somewhat informed about what is going on in the political world.”

A reporter from the Boston Herald sat down with his lap top taking notes and quotes for the event. “I’m here looking for comments he has for the news of the day, said Chris Cassidy. “I have interviewed him previously before this, last April and I’m interested to see how he connects with other candidates and what he has to say.”

The audience listened attentively during the event and were open to ask Kasich questions once he was done giving his speech.

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