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Hillary Clinton talks student debt solutions

by Austin Mills

Hillary Clinton held a questions and answers forum at New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire on Saturday, February 6th, 2016.

Clinton took on questions involving the Benghazi attacks, military, immigration, but of all the questions asked she showed most passion on student debt and student interest rates.

(Photo: Austin Mills)

Among those attending the event were students, many of who were looking for solidarity with student debt and interest rates.

“I have a plan for a debt free tuition. And also providing more financial help for fees and expenses, because lots of times that can be a real impediment for lots of young people,” said Clinton.

Clinton asked the crowd how many of them carried student debt. To her apparent dismay, a great number of hands shot up in the air, symbolizing the current student debt problem that the country continues to bare.

“This is crazy my friends. It is wrong, and we got to stop it.” said a distressed Clinton.

Clinton proposed a plan for service jobs which would reduce interest rates and student debt. “I want to triple national service jobs. I want to go to 250,000 service jobs like Americorps and others.”

“If you commit to a year of public service professions, you will be able to go to college for practically nothing,” said Clinton.

Clinton called the loan processing company, Naviantes’ , behavior outrageous. Claiming that their interest rates are far too high for anyone to payoff, and that they don’t make interest rates clear to students, Clinton wants to move on from Naviantes’. “They are miss leading people. I want to take out the middle men,” said Clinton.

Clinton believes that the debt problem is holding back the country and that it is suppressing the opportunities that young people have.

“I think the federal government should not be making money off of lending money to students.”

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