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Free Tuition for All or Only for Some?

by: Elora Philbrick

On Saturday, February 6, 2016 a group of Franklin Pierce University’s (FPU’s) Mass Communications students worked for the Pierce Media Group as well as The Boston Herald as press for the campaign tour events of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The Bernie Sanders event was hosted at 11 a.m. in a large venue at FPU’s Rindge, NH campus while Hillary Clinton was hosted at 3:45 p.m. in an intimate venue at New England College of Henniker, NH. During the course of each event both opposing candidates were presented with similar questions regarding college tuition and debt, in which each answered differently.

Bernie Sanders answered the pressing matters raised by informing the event attendees that if he becomes President he will push forth to eradicate not only the debt of tuition loans but tuition itself. In order to achieve his goals Sanders plans to raise taxes. More specifically he plans to raise the taxes of the 1% of Americans, who already pay 50% on taxes, which have in their possessions’ more money than the other 99% of Americans combined.

For Hillary, she does not agree with Bernie’s argument for free tuition in its entirety. In Clinton’s opinion, the families who can afford to pay tuitions, should, while those who cannot, should not. In order to make this ideal for Americans a reality she would enforce a plan that cuts out the middle man. This would allow a standardized loan cycle to be put in place that in hopes would not accumulate interest, thus eliminating a large portion of student debt.

The determination of the future educations of Americans lay in the hands of registered voters.





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