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Feelin’ the Bern at FPU

by Amanda Holland

(Photo: Samantha Marshall)
(Amanda Holland (left) Amanda Horrocks (right) Photo Credit: Samantha Marshall)

Senator of Vermont, and democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, held a town hall meeting at the Franklin Pierce University Fieldhouse on Saturday, February 6th at 11 a.m.

Students, faculty, locals, out of towners and journalists from all over New England and beyond, all came to listen to Bernie Sanders speak about his view on the economy. Sanders seemed to focus on the fact that no Republican candidate was willing to focus on climate change, as well as many other issues America is now facing today.

Franklin Pierce University Junior and registered Independent, Amanda Horrocks, age 21, from Plaistow New Hampshire, spoke to me before the rally and said, “I feel that Bernie reaches out to the younger demographic in America. I like how he actually has a plan to help the nation.”

He began the speech by getting the crowd excited and said “We are doing something radical…telling the American people the truth.”

Sanders appealed to the students of the room speaking more towards the younger demographic and stating how the young people are not as involved in politics anymore and how he wants to change that. He stated how he wanted the younger demographic involved more.

He asked the people in the audience who is facing debt. Shouts from the crowd came with numerous numbers such as $300,000 or $140,000. Sanders stated how one of his goals was to make public colleges and universities free and to those who need help that they will get it, regardless of their family income.

Bernie wants a massive federal jobs program to put our people back to work. He said, “we should be hiring teachers, not firing teachers.”

Sander’s stated how he wanted to make the living wage in America to fifteen dollars an hour, which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. They responded by chanting, “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!”

Sanders spoke stating how he wanted to fix the criminal justice system. He pointed out how the United States has more people in jail than China. He wants to have “equal justice for all” and to invest in jobs and education, not jail and incarceration.

In his closing statements Sander’s got the audience to rally around him once again after he said, “We will make a political revolution!”

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