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Clinton met with doubt at New England College town hall meeting

by Emily Catuccio

Students from Franklin Pierce University covered presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at a town hall meeting where she answered some tough questions regarding her political image at New England College on Saturday, February 6th 2016  in Henniker, New Hampshire.

Clinton was met with some doubt from guests attending her town hall meeting. The first question that was asked was about Clintons response to people who distrust her because of her dishonest actions throughout the Benghazi incident.

(Photo: Austin Mills)

She defended herself against questions that accused her of misconduct in the incident in Benghazi . The attack at the embassy in 2012 left a US ambassador and three other Americans dead. Clinton came under questioning when it emerged that she had rejected appeals for additional security where the attack took place. She remained under questioning at the town house meeting, where she declined responsibility. She explained that the investigation was not only made public, and that her correspondence in the emails about the Benghazi incident were also made public. Clinton said she was cleared of all wrongdoing in the incident.

Clinton said that different embassies have been attacked previously while others were president, and it has been made into a political issue only under her.

“I know that I am viewed as a direct threat,” said Clinton.

She claims that she has stood under public scrutiny for years, and will continue to do so as long as the Republican party views her as a threat. According to Clinton, the Republican party has spent six billion dollars campaigning against her. Even when the information the Republican party releases is not true, its intended purpose is still successful, to defame her reputation among voters.

Hillary Clinton remains under attack, and these attacks will continue throughout her campaign. She claims Republicans are worried about progress, and that is exactly what she is pushing for.

“I’ve been pushing forward for progress for 35 years,” said Clinton.

When she was asked about her opponent, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton said she was aware of the huge amount of support Sanders was rallying from younger generations.

Regardless of whether voters support Sanders or herself, Clinton said she will always support “you”.

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