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Donald Trump Visits Plymouth State University for Rally

By Katie Davert

On February 7, 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump held a rally at Plymouth State University in Plymouth New Hampshire where all his supporters could go and see what he had to say. With any political gathering there are protestors and there was no lack of them at this rally either. While the rally was set to begin at 1:00pm the doors opened at eleven in the morning and there was already a crowd. By noon the majority of supporters haIMG_1138.JPGd Trump signs that stated, “Trump” “Make America Great Again!” There were plenty of people with hats on that said the same thing. Trump was introduced by several different people, one of which a War Veteran, Al Dwight, who stated, “Donald Trump is the real deal.”

Before Trump took his spot behind the podium, a man came on the loudspeaker and cautioned the crowd about protestors, even saying please do not harm or touch the protestors, stand around them and chant “Trump.” Moments later the lights dimmed and Trump walked out as the crowd cheered and began to chant his name. As the crowd quieted he began to speak. He started off by asking about the debate the night before and who saw it, stating, “Even people who hate me give me good marks.” He continued to talk about that debate until he brought up his own budget, stating he’s a self-funder, 40 million dollars under budget and number one in the polls.

In his entire speech he covered many different topics, ranging from the Wounded Warrior Project to immigration along with drug issues. The military was one of his main points and he stated, “I’m going to build the military bigger, better, stronger.” He continued to talk about the veterans and said that he raised six million dollars for them. A moment after he stated that he invited the Veteran who introduced him back on stage to recognize him. After he spoke for a moment, Trump stated, “He knows who’s going to take care of the vets and it’s not going to be the politicians.” He continued to talk about the military, saying it’s going to be built up and it’s not going to be political.

Another topic covered was the well-known “wall”, along with the drug issues. As soon as Trump brought up the wall he asked who is going to pay for it, voicing what one of the supporters said and the supporters chanted back, “Mexico!” Trump continued on, growing serious and saying they are going to pay for the wall because, “They make a fortune off the United States. They have not helped us at all with illegal immigration.” He gave an exact number, which was 179,000 illegal immigrants in the United States. He went on to talk about heroin and how large of a problem it is in New Hampshire along with other states, as it pours across the Mexican border. He talked about the wall again, using drugs as one of the many reasons he wants this wall built. He stated with a laugh, “It’ll be a nice wall, a beautiful wall and we’re going to name it Trump some day!” This got a cheer from the supporters. He then spoke about the smaller walls that he calls “baby walls” which have ramps. These ramps allow trucks to drive over and bring drugs into America and Mexico gets the money.

Another large point he made during the middle of his speech was about China and Japan. “They’ve taken our jobs, our base, thousands – millions of jobs by the way, not thousands,” Trump stated about China. He continued to talk about China until protestors interrupted him. He paused and a moment later security removed the protestors so he could continue. He informed the supporters that America owes 1.6 trillion dollars to Japan and 1.7 trillion dollars to China. He went on to say, “They take our jobs, they take our money, and we owe them money. That’s like a magic act in reverse.” He then informed the supports that this wasn’t going to happen anymore with him as president.

He made it clear throughout his whole speech how important his supporters are to him. In the beginning of his speech he said, “I have no friends as far as I’m concerned. You know who my friends are? You’re my friends,” as he gestured to the crowd. This got a large IMG_1158.JPGrise from all of his supporters. Throughout the speech any time Hillary Clinton was mentioned the entire crowd booed, showing their support for Trump. He informed everyone they had to vote on Tuesday. He stated more than once, “I don’t want your money; I want your vote.” Trump ended his speech by thanking his supporters for being there and told them if they weren’t going to vote for him, don’t vote. The last thing he said before he stepped back from the podium was, “Make America great again. Thank you.”

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