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Governor Jeb Bush visits FPU before primary

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Jeb Bush speaking at FPU Photo by Abbie Trombly

by Abbie Trombly

Spagnuolo hall was completely filled for Governor Jeb Bush’s visit to campus on Feb. 2nd, exactly one week before the New Hampshire Primary. Bush spoke to an audience of both students and surrounding town locals about his policies and changes he plans to make if elected.

Bush delivered his speech in both a professional and calm manor. Jumping right into his stance on veteran’s rights, often gesturing to the veteran sitting in the front row, he addressed why we need to gain and protect their rights. He compared his policy ideas to those of President Obama’s, and concluded that his ideas would help promote positive change.

Bush said, “That kind of attitude, that kind of leadership, is what we need in Washington DC. And the place where we need it more, than any place else is, as Lindsay says, as Commander and Chief.”

Bush is not quite as far right as some other candidates tend to be; he’s very much down the middle of the road. Students commented on his excellent public speaking skills, and junior Emily Catuccio said, “He’s trained to speak well. He has years of political experience yes, and his policies may have worked in Florida, but a conservative government would never work for the whole United States.”

Bush ended his speech by saying, “I believe in you and I’m counting on you, and I hope that you’ll support me next Tuesday.”

Senator Lindsey Graham, who dropped out of the GOP presidential race back in December, accompanied and endorsed Bush.

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