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Supporters are out in the cold for the only NH Democratic Presidential debate

Politics FitzU members Alex Powell and Logan Sherwood interview Sanders supporter outside the debate. Photo by Amanda Tapparo

by Rachel Shunamon
Politics FitzU

A crowd of eager supporters for all three Democratic candidates braved temperatures in the 30s as they held signs and chanted hours prior to the debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH on December 19.

Bernie Sanders supporters refused to answer questions from the press, but Clinton and O’Malley supporters were happy to speak up. Paid staff members for the Sanders campaign were not allowed to speak, but volunteers were allowed to speak to Franklin Pierce Press.

A 64-year-old Clinton supporter, Rhumubee, held a large H-shape cardboard cutout, and was there to push for equal rights.

“I think she’s more experienced than the other candidates and has a greater knowledge of international concerns,” she said. “And it’s the old glass ceiling, I’d love to finally see a woman President.”

In the mid-afternoon, six people held Martin O’Malley signs in between nearly a hundred Clinton and a few dozen Sanders supporters. The volume of the Sanders supporters topped the others, which no surprise coming from the grassroots campaign.

John, a student at American University, said, “[O’Malley] is the only candidate with 15 years of experience, changed Maryland schools for the better, and has worked with a legislature before.”

Live coverage of the third Democratic debate begins at 8 p.m. on ABC News, the national station that has partnered with WMUR-TV for the event.


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