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Discover Autumn in New England


Kimberly Perry

Wondering what New England has to offer during the Autumn months? Hope you fall in love with these ideas!

Look for the Beautiful New England Foliage

New England foliage is known for how beautiful it is during autumn, and it certainly is a favorite attraction among natives and those travelling. The outdoors are so beautiful during fall in New England, the occasional road trip to see the stunning views or just a walk in your backyard have the same effect in the fall. Nowhere compares to New England at this time of year, so you want to soak it all in while you can!

Decorate for the Season

Since the fall not only brings beautiful foliage and weather, it’s always filled with huge holidays. Make sure to decorate for whatever you celebrate- Halloween, Thanksgiving and anything in-between. Also, by decorating your dorm/home with fall decorations as well (leaves, seasonal candles, warm colors) it will also get you in the best fall mood.

Go Apple & Pumpkin Picking

Apple & pumpkin picking is by far one of the most favorable fall activities. New England has beautiful farms to go apple and pumpkin picking, and it will be a day you won’t forget. By spending the day with the ones you care about doing such a fun fall activity, you will create great memories for years to come. My family has a tradition of going apple and pumpkin picking every year, and I have so many memories of it I cherish to this day. Definitely take advantage of this in New England- and don’t forget to decorate your pumpkin and make apple pie!

Go to Fall Themed Parks

Corn mazes, Spooky World, Witches Woods and so much more, there are endless parks/events New England has during fall. With so much to do and so much to see, fall in New England is something that just can’t be beat. So go out and have fun! Really, you’ll thank me for this.

Enjoy It!

Fall in New England is known to be beautiful and filled with fun. So go outside, play in the leaves, and spend it with the people you care about. Hope you have a fall-bulous autumn in New England!!

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