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Senior Farewell: Amelia Walters

The time has come for me to write a senior farewell, and all I have to say is “Oh, my!” It is hard to believe four years have passed. Once a timid freshman, I can safely say I am now a confident woman who is ready to face the world and move on to a different journey. College has certainly been a journey on its own, but there were many journeys within this one. From the newspaper, to personal accomplishments, to academic journeys, all of these were important in the compilation of my life here at Franklin Pierce.

Writing is a love that has lasted for a many years of my life, and I am so thankful I got the chance to continue and grow with the Pierce Arrow. My writing has developed, I got to meet so many interesting people and see parts of the school I would not have seen if it were not for the Arrow. I loved doing features on people and plays, I got to know so many through writing about them, and I only hope I served them justice with my writing. It was an honor to get to write stories about unique individuals and be able to share them with the Franklin Pierce community. Another love of mine is music and I got the chance to write about it through the Arrow. I have seen this paper grow and obviously it had its ups and downs, but overall it was a wonderful experience. I would not change a thing. I just wish I got to personally meet Marlin Fitzwater. I had the chance to work as media for President Birge’s Inauguration but, me being a timid freshman did not have the guts to go introduce myself of course. Thank you Marlin Fitzwater for allowing any student to develop their skills in mass communication, and even if they are not a communications major, allowing students like me who are biology majors to continue their passions. Thank you Kristen Nevious and Andrea Bergstrom as well for being there for four years and giving your guidance to the paper.

   I knew from day one I wanted to join the newspaper. As a freshman I was granted the right to do basically any article I wanted. Let me just say I was not the best news writer, and my forte was definitely creative writing, so I knew I had work to do. Val Armstrong, who is currently my roommate and I wrote our first news story together about the Pub. Our editor at the time Alyssa Dandrea had some comments for us and helped us make the article the best it could be. Thank you Alyssa, for not scolding us when clearly our original article was terrible, and believing in us. To past Arrow staff, it was an honor to work with you, grow, and walk in your footsteps. I have learned so much that will carry on during my lifetime. Mike Husson, I know you will do well!

           I would like to thank my parents as well. If it was not for them I would not have the opportunity to go to Franklin Pierce University, and they have motivated and encouraged me all my life. They have been avid promoters of me writing, they seem to enjoy reading it. To my family, who reads my articles when they can, and taking an interest in my life, that means a lot to me, love you, thank you. Martha, my sister, that goes to you too. Thanks for letting me read you random things when I thought it was weird or awful and needed a second opinion.

            I have met so many wonderful people and I feel so blessed to have known them. Thank you Dr. Thomas Bennett for being my advisor, as well as Rhine Singleton; you are both truly inspiring professors and really care about your students, it’s reassuring to know there are professors like you both here. For a little while my academic career was a rocky path, but I made it through thanks to you. My journey has not been easy, but you never lost faith in me. Thank you for all that you both have done. Also, Andrew Hatchett you have restored faith in me, I truly have enjoyed having you as a professor. You also restored my passion for physical therapy through kinesiology and exercise physiology. Franklin Pierce is lucky to have a professor like you, who will take the health science program in a positive direction.

          Scott Ansevin-Allen, Derek Scalia, Bill Sweet and Bill Beardslee, words are not enough to express how much I will miss you all. You have truly been a huge part of my career at college and nothing I did would be possible without you all. From Alternative Spring Break, the Community Service office, the Information Desk and even SGA for a brief time, they were all experiences I will cherish for years to come. Thank you for everything. These are memories I will have my whole life. Miranda Mantello, Katie Bernier, Brad Arena, and the rest of my ASB gang, I love you all, thank you for making ASB life-changing experiences. The Info Desk Staff and Community Service managers, I have enjoyed working with you all, best of luck to all!

         Val Armstrong, Kat Wasmanski, Sherese Ponder, Jen Connors, Liz Clark, Hillary Transue, Liz Lessard, Matt Walcott, thank you all for being my friends and there when I needed you. You were the best roommates anyone could ask for, well not Matt, but thank you for your friendship and I know we will keep in touch. Collin Tierney, stay awesome. To all of my other friends I have made here at Pierce I will miss you, and thank you for being my friend.

        A recent song that came out by One Republic, it’s called “I Lived.” Of course I have to quote a song in this article! “I hope when that moment comes you’ll say, ‘I did it all…I owned every second that this world could give, I saw so many places and things that I did, with every broken bone, I swear I lived. I hope that you spend your days and they all add up. I hope when that when that sun goes down, hope you raise your cup.”

Amelia Walters

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