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Day 2 in DC: Monuments, Cupcakes, Museums Oh My!

I awoke for my second day in Washington DC to another person lying next to me on the floor. Now before you all start thinking dirty let me clarify. My friend Tyler, the person I am staying with at American University throughout the duration of my trip, has a roommate who I have yet to meet because he comes in late while I’m sleeping and is sleeping while I’m awake. Now Tyler’s roommate decided to have a friend come and sleep over the same time I was staying over and we did not know if it was actually going to happen so I imagine my surprise when I awoke with someone’s feet in my face.

After that awkward wake up, I left for Eastern Market, a large outdoor market place, with my new friends leading the way. After a little bit of wandering around we went to We the Pizza Restaurant for what was supposed to be lunch but for me was my breakfast. After a hearty dosage of pizza, we departed for the Library of Congress. I made my free library card and entered the large and beautiful library full of old books I will never read. The splendor and beauty of the library was overwhelming and I appreciated seeing it.

On the way back home I decided that I wanted to go and see the Museum of Natural History, so I got directions from my friend Kate about which train to get on and I was off on my way. While on the train, I started getting apprehensive as I noticed that the train was getting farther and farther away from my desired destination. I realized my mistake, after silently freaking out and trying to pretend that I was not lost. I got off at a random stop, called Tyler, and finally figured out how to correct my wrongdoing.

The Museum of Natural History was so educational. Yes, you can call me a nerd, but I love learning new things and I love dinosaur exhibits, so needless to say I was in heaven. I did a power run of all of the exhibits before having to leave to meet up with some of the members of the Media Team I went down with from Franklin Pierce. While on my way to meet up with my team I came across a CNN news booth that was doing a live broadcast where they were filming the crowd, so I ran up in front, raised my orange backpack in the air and jumped all around. My active movements made it easy to spot me, and sure enough I was on TV for all of 15 seconds, but it was the most fun 15 seconds ever.

It was nice to meet up with the rest of the students and my professor over a nice meal, and then afterwards we headed to Georgetown Cupcake. The line was ridiculously long and it took us a little over a half an hour to finally make it inside to purchase our sugary treats. I bought 4 cupcakes and I ate 3 of them before I returned back to American University. Day 2 of my DC adventure went swimmingly and as I countdown the days left until the inauguration, I get more and more excited. 

Stephen Keimig
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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