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Letter from the Editor, Morgan Miller

Hello, my name is Morgan Miller. I will be your Pierce Arrow Editor-in-Chief for the 2012-2013 school year. I would like to welcome all of the new and returning students as well as the faculty and staff. I hope you are looking forward to the beginning of an exciting new school year. This year, the celebration of the university’s 50th anniversary, new curriculum and additional new sports teams are only naming a few of the exciting milestones for Franklin Pierce.

As your student newspaper, The Pierce Arrow staff will be working throughout the year to cover these important events, as well as all that is happening on the Franklin Pierce campus and in the surrounding community. Our editorial board has been busy brainstorming throughout the summer for the upcoming year and can’t wait to add some major changes to the Pierce Arrow.

As the university’s print newspaper, the Pierce Arrow is a major part of student media. This means that it plays a major role in how student’s voices are heard. In previous years, student involvement with the newspaper has been very scarce. This year, one of my major goals is to get more students involved with the Pierce Arrow. More student voices need to be heard, and I want to stress now more than ever that anyone can join our publication.

My second major goal for the upcoming school year is to give a better recognition the outside community in which Franklin Pierce is located. We are so lucky to be surrounded by the beauty of the Monadnock region, the hardworking local business owners and community families. I have found that we don’t often step back a look at what is outside the confines of the university. In fact, many of these local businesses and community families are huge supporters of Franklin Pierce and all that we do.  I believe that they deserve recognition for their continued support of our school community throughout the years.

Finally, I would like to address the freshman class and wish them the best of luck in their first year at Franklin Pierce University. Time flies when you’re here and I hope you will learn to appreciate all of the great things a university like Franklin Piece has to offer. Get involved as much as you can, and get the most out of your education while you’re here.

As for my fellow returning students, faculty and staff, welcome back! I hope that you are as excited for the changes in the Pierce Arrow as we all are on the newspaper staff.  Please don’t hesitate contacting me about anything.  I am open to any suggestions or ideas concerning the Pierce Arrow. As I stated before, a student newspaper would cease to exist without the voices of the students and university officials. Make an effort to have your voice be heard and contribute to best edition of the Pierce Arrow Franklin Pierce has ever seen.


Morgan A. Miller
Editor-in-Chief, Pierce Arrow

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