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Doctor’s Appointments and Bank Accounts

I believe in getting things done early, especially if they are important. College presented me with the challenge of having to try and complete a mountain of forms while juggling work at a Boy Scout Resident Camp.  I put the pedal to the metal and started filling out everything.

One of the many forms that I needed to complete was my extensive health form. But, the journey towards the completion of my health form was an interesting one. It all started with the trip from the camp I work at to my doctor’s office. As usual, I always say I’m going to be early to my destination, but something always comes up to distract me. I ended up leaving fifteen minutes later than I had anticipated, so I had to speed all the way to my appointment. I finally made it; all thanks to me exceeding the speed limit by a slight amount. My physical ended up going very well; all up until the point where my Doctor said “Oh, you are going to college, so that means we need to update your vaccines!”

My heart stopped at the moment I heard my Doctor say that. I am not some grandma’s pin cushion that people can just stick with needles for fun, I am a human being. I still don’t know why scientists haven’t made a pill form for every vaccine.

The nurse came in with her cold metal platter on which the needles of pain lay. She told me not to flex my arm because it would hurt more, but I didn’t listen. I mean come on, I am being stabbed in the arm, and they want me to be relaxed and not flinch?

After getting two shots that day; one of which is still making my arm sore, my doctor informed me that Gardasil, the drug made for women to prevent cervical cancer, is now being prescribed to boys. This was confusing to me, because I couldn’t wrap my head around how a drug meant to prevent cervical cancer would help boys. In a very awkward voice my doctor said that the shot would help prevent throat cancer and genital warts. The shot sounded weird to me, but I went home to consider getting it administered. One of my best friends, Annalisa, who had the injection, told me that “Gardasil is the shot from hell!” She said that the needle is almost five inches long, freezing cold, and that is put into you vertically instead of horizontally, so it goes far down into your arm! I think I will take my risks with throat cancer and genital warts because I want absolutely no part of that.

Another important form I filled out was the one that created my first ever bank account. I received my first credit and debit cards and now have a place to put my money. My friends who are already in college say that my account will most likely be vacant because I am now entering that phase of becoming a “poor college kid.” All that put aside, the creation of my bank account made me feel grown up and the theme song of “I’m a big kid now” still resonates in my head.

Stephen Keimig
Incoming Freshman

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