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This week’s music in review

A bunch of albums were released this week, but here’s a few stand out albums:

Maroon 5 released their new album “Overexposed.” I should have known with the release of “Payphone” that this album was going to be amazing, but I didn’t even see it coming. I didn’t want to listen to it right away, but I’m very happy I did. Throughout the years of Maroon 5, they have evidently grown. This album is full of great lyrics and different rhythms and sounds. It’s a new Maroon 5 taste. “One More Night” is fun and upbeat, Adam Levine’s voice is great in it. “Payphone” features Wiz Khalifa, and is their first single from the album. At first I was skeptical about the collaboration and I heard a rumor none of them even wanted it. Levine sings softly with aggressive lyrics but the random Wiz part is creative and just brings out the anger that the whole song expresses. This song does not get old.  Listen to the lyrics, you will melt (I did). Seriously, it’s one of my favorite songs, I could talk all day about it. Another one of my favorites off the album is “Daylight.” Levine basically is singing about not wanting to get up and leave, but he’s just going to savor the time he has with her. It’s melody is great, and the refrain is a powerful one. “Lucky Strike” is just a fun and upbeat song. “The Man Who Never Lied” also is a standout song. “Love Somebody,” “Fortune Teller,” and “Sad” slow things down, very Maroon 5-ish. “Sad” is my third favorite in the album. Levine’s voice is showcased with solely a piano which makes it so powerful, and the lyrics are amazing. “Tickets” makes me laugh a lot because from what I can see, it’s about a girl who basically thinks she is amazing. He basically just likes her for her body, but she’s a terrible person. They attempted a dub-step feel I think, but it’s not significant. “Doin’ Dirt” has a “Mamma Mia”/ABBA sound to it, it’s weird but good. “Kiss” which is a remake/re-write of the song “Kiss” (performed by Prince), has an old-time feel to it. It’s fantastic. I can honestly say there is not one song I dislike on this album. Listen to it, love it; you won’t regret it. I’m going to rate this album with 4 ½ stars!

LINKIN PARK came out with their long awaited album LIVING THINGS. I’m a huge LP fan and have been since the beginning. I think this deserves a welcome back Linkin Park! Their more recent albums “Minutes to Midnight” and “A Thousand Suns” do not completely exemplify how amazing and unique Linkin Park is, and I think this album really shows that again. Their live albums, on the other hand, are all fantastic, and they’ve made a number of them. Chester Bennington’s voice is awesome to combine with rock music and the hip-hop parts by Mike Shinoda. “LOST IN THE ECHO” starts the album off with typical LP sound. Their use of technology to produce sounds and beats is awesome. “IN MY REMAINS” is also a normal LP feel, added with a chanting type verse towards the end. It’s not an intense chant though, more mellow. The single released from this album is next, “BURN IT DOWN.” I think it was a good choice as a single, and definitely one of the best songs on the album. Is it appropriate to say that dubstep evolved from what Linkin Park is?…well that’s what I think. Screamo, techno, beats, hip-hop and rock, sounds like some dubstep I know. “LIES GREED MISERY” is next. This album definitely has a “Meteora” feel to it. I like it because it’s one of my favorite albums of all times. Angry, mellow, mellow sadness, awesome music with heart gripping lyrics is probably the best way to describe Linkin Park and this album. All of the songs are certainly not the same, you just have to listen to it for yourself to have your own experience. Other standout songs are “CASTLE OF GLASS,” (yes all of the song titles are CAPITALIZED) “ROADS UNTRAVELED,” “SKIN TO BONE,” and “POWERLESS.” Go listen to it, the Linkin Park I love is back. Listen, love it! 4 stars! (They are touring this summer, so go catch the tour…HONDA CIVIC)

Other albums to check out:

“The Swarm” – You Me At Six
“Guessing Games” – Hunter Parrish
“Write Me Back” – R. Kelly
“Days Go By” – The Offspring

Amelia Walters
Pierce Arrow Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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