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“Don’t need nothing but a good time”

The musical “Rock of Ages” is one of my favorite musicals, and it recently became a movie. I went to the midnight showing because I was just THAT excited to see it. I am not going to list all of the details that were not like the stage production, but I definitely had to keep reminding myself the movie was a film ADAPTATION…meaning it did not have to be word for word to the musical, even though I would have liked it to be. The director made it his own work. If you have seen the musical, you most likely will have some interesting perspectives on how it should have gone. If you have not seen the musical, you will definitely enjoy the movie. It’s Overall, it was very entertaining… “Nothing but a GOOD TIME.”

It was directed by Adam Shankman, who directed “Hairspray” the movie (which was entirely different from the stage performance in some senses as well). Mia Michaels, a choreographer from “So You Think You Can Dance,” (one of my favorite shows) choreographed the movie. The dancing was phenomenal, this is expected for Mia Michaels because come on, It’s MIA MICHAELS! Adam Anders and Peer Astrom created the score.  The music selections did differ somewhat from the musical because they added songs that were not originally in it and they switched around the order of songs. They also used songs in different scenarios from what actually happens in the musical. That was a little irking because I know the musical and what songs go with what situation in the musical, but I had to look past it while watching the movie. For example, in the musical Sherrie Christian leaves home and her parents to pursue a career in music in California. Her parents do not want her to do this and are not supportive of her at all. In the movie her parents are dead and she lived with her grandmother who is supportive of her leaving home and pursuing her dreams. Small details like that and others are not correct in the movie, but it’s okay…It’s still a good story.

There was an interesting cast of characters, and I honestly was not really upset with one person throughout the movie. Everyone did a really great job in their role (I don’t say that often)! Julianne Hough (you might know her from “Dancing With the Stars”) played Sherrie Christian, a “small town girl” who is looking for a singing career. Hough can obviously dance, but she can act and sing as well. She definitely surprised me in this. Diego Boneta, who is adorable and has an amazing voice, played Drew Boley. He works at the Bourbon Room but wants to be a rock star one day. The owners of the Bourbon room (where the whole musical takes place) is owned by Dennis Dupree, played by Alec Baldwin and Lonny played by Russell Brand. They were both fantastic, there is a little twist in the story that makes them hilarious, but I will not spoil it for you. They are just hilarious and have really great voices (which I didn’t expect).  Another notable character was Tom Cruise, who played the rock star Stacee Jaxx. I was on the fence about Cruise playing this character, but he was definitely good at it. He did sing very well, he was just a little strange at some times, but the character is strange. The character Stacee Jaxx appeared more in the movie than he does in the musical. Other actors that were in this production were Catherine Zeta-Jones (whose character Patricia Whitmore, is not actually in the musical. But the She is a part of the people who want to burn down Sunset Strip because it is sinful), Paul Giamatti, Mary J. Blige, and Constantine Maroulis (who was the original Drew on the Broadway production, he obviously needed to make an appearance). Dancers from “So You Think You Can Dance” include Anya Garnis and Jamie Goodwin. The dancing and the costumes were well done, and the setting and design were also phenomenal. I would definitely recommend seeing “Rock of Ages.” It’s great to sing along to. If you like 80s rock then it’s definitely for you.

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Amelia Walters
Pierce Arrow Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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