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Suit Up!

During the school year, it’s hard to focus on health when there are so many distractions. There’s always school work, friends, and most certainly, food. It’s difficult to stay healthy when we are faced with pizza, fries, and cheeseburgers as daily cafeteria choices. When summer comes around and it’s time to take the bathing suit out, it can be a time of great sorrow.  However, should we really be so self-conscious about our figure? Yes, being healthy is necessary; it makes us feel better and helps us mentally.  However, is society pushing the “perfect image” too much? What exactly is the perfect image and why should we aspire to look like what society wants?

Recently, H&M was criticized for using a model that was “corpse-like.” We are used to airbrushed images of models every day. However, this particular model looked especially unwell.  The French Aymeline Valade, 26, has modeled for Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel — just to name a few.  Many have pointed out the bags under her eyes, the grayish tinge to her skin, and the prominent veins in her hands as signs of an extremely unhealthy woman. H&M, a company that appeals to a younger audience, has been criticized as a result of this.

Is being gaunt really beautiful? Should we listen to society and starve ourselves until our skin turns grey? No. Being yourself is being beautiful.  Society should be pushing girls to be healthy and to embrace the way they naturally look. We shouldn’t be forced to see billboards and magazines full of skeleton-like women. So pull out that suit proudly!

    H & M Model (shown above) 

Courtney Zorena
Pierce Arrow A & E Editor

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