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Make the most it

Senior year. I cringe even at the thought. It seems like just yesterday I was scared out of my wits to leave home for the first time to begin life in college. When all of my family members or older friends would tell me “college is the best time of your life” or “college flies by before you know it, you’re graduated,” I never believed them until now.
Even though I still have an entire year ahead of me, I still find myself dwelling on the past three years wondering if I made the absolute best out of them. Was I involved on campus enough? Will I have a round enough resume for future employers? Should I have studied harder? These are always constant thoughts flooding through my mind.
All of these feelings and doubts have driven me to write my first blog entry-addressing freshman and returning underclassman. Make the best of your time in college.
Get involved: I didn’t exactly get extremely involved with extracurricular activities until later in my college career. If you’re interested in something, get involved with it on campus. A resume packed with involvement outside the classroom is going to attract more attention from future employers. One of the many organizations on campus that I really regret not getting involved with is student government. Seeing many of my peers involved with SGA made me realize how much say they really do have with what goes on at the university. Getting involved on campus can only benefit you in a positive way.
Study Abroad: Another opportunity that I really wish I didn’t miss out on is going abroad for a semester. Franklin Pierce has so many amazing study abroad programs for students to attend. These are amazing chances to be able to go out of the country and live in another part of the world. All I have heard about studying abroad experiences are positive things and I really wish I took the chance to study in a different country.
Take advantage of the close knit community: Franklin Pierce is known for being a very close-knit community. For my first two years at college I often complained about how small the university is. I found myself ranting about the student body size and how everyone knew each other’s business. However, later in my college career, I began to truly appreciate the benefits of being in such a close community like Franklin Pierce. Class sizes are smaller than larger universities creating a stronger professor to student relationship. I also found that professors are there for students willing to help at any time, which I never really appreciated until now.
Make the best of your time in college: As I previously stated in the beginning of my blog entry, time flies. Before you know it, you will be a senior. Take advantage of every opportunity that college has to offer you. As the saying goes, “These are the best four years of your life.” Make the most of them.

Morgan Miller
Pierce Arrow Editor-In-Chief

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  1. Amy Rice Amy Rice June 1, 2012

    Hey Morgan, I read your blog. How true, time does fly. I am so happy for you and please continue having a wonderful time with your senior year. Keep on writing. Love Aunt Amy

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