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So it has been a while since I last wrote but honestly, there is not much to write about. The Bruins absolutely stunk it up in the first month of the season. They went 3-7 in October. So how does that compare to last season? The Bruins went 6-2 last October. If there’s one thing that has not changed for the Bruins, it would be their powerplay. So far, Boston has had 46 powerplay opportunities and has scored on a whopping six of those. Six out of 46? Yikes! That’s only 13 percent. You would think a Stanley Cup Champions would have a better powerplay but then again we survived last season without a powerplay and that seemed to work out pretty good.

I know the season is just 11 games in but before you know it that 11 games will be 20 and that 20 will become 50 and then the season will be over before you know. I would like to see this powerplay get going before we reach that 20th game. Last season had a great ending but getting there was stressful and you would never know what team was going to show up to play. Would it be the team that would play 60 minutes, play hard and win? Or would it be the team that would play maybe 30 minutes, barely battle and then lose? It would nice to see a team this season that has a solid powerplay and a team that battles hard everyday even if they lose which obviously they will. No team is going to win all the time.

Something I need to address is Joe Corvo. I kind of hated on him in my previous posts and that was mainly because I wanted to see Kampfer get a shot but I was wrong about Corvo. I seem to be wrong a lot. But anyways, I really like what Corvo brings to the game. He really can move the puck well and I like his tendency to get shots to the net from the blueline. They may not be rocket shots but he knows when I shot on net will work by getting a rebound or a tip from someone in front. I think Kampfer is a great player but right now I am glad that Corvo is in there. The one thing that irks me about Corvo is that he seems to not want to get involved in tussles. I have faith that if something was actually going down he would get involved but he seems to back away from the little pushing and shoving around the net.

But that leads me to something else. I like the spark that I see in this team. Putting the Carolina game aside, honestly I believe that was embarrassing on so many levels. The Bruins stooped rather low, the fans made me angry by throwing stuff on the ice and the refs made some horrible games. But anyways, besides that game, the Bruins (a lot of them) are not afraid to mix them up. This season we have already seen Gregory Campbell, Zdeno Chara, Chris Kelly, Shawn Thornton and Brad Marchand. Seeing Kelly and Marchand fight shows that more than just the “fighters” on the team are willing to step up. I put fighters in quotes because Campbell is not exactly a fighter but he never backs down and always stands up for himself or his teammates. Chara’s not really a fighter either but he can beatdown anyone. One person that is missing from this list is Milan Lucic. It would be nice to see Lucic start being that tough guy again who can score goals as well.

Recently, I have been asked who my number one player on the team is and it has been hard for me to choose one but I think I have made my choice now. I would say Patrice Bergeron is my pick for the number one player on the Bruins. Too me, the number one player is the player who I would not want to see go down with an injury for a long period of time because it would greatly effect the team. Obviously Tim Thomas would be bad to lose for an extended period of time but he is the goalie so it is just understood that he is truly the number one player. But back to Bergeron. He does everything for this team. He plays on the PP, penalty kill and whatever situation you need him in. Yes, he could score more goals but the goal scorers are just the ones that are the last ones to touch the puck. A whole lot goes on (sometimes) before that happens and I feel like Bergeron makes a lot of that happen for the Bruins. You can disagree with me but Bergeron is my choice for the number one player on this Boston Bruins team as of right now.

It’s no shave November. Maybe the beards will help the Bruins win some games just like the beards helped in June. They could use some help.

Kristin Carbone
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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