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So far our experience with living in the sustainable towers has gone pretty well.  Since we are all on the basketball team we spend a good majority of time not in our place so we make sure to turn off all of the lights and electronic devices such as the television.  Even sometimes when we are watching TV in the living room we will only turn one lamp on instead of all the lights.  For water we do not use that many bottled products and we instead use a Brita that we fill up daily.  When we do use bottles in our place we have a large plastic bin that we recycle in and empty out into the recycling dumpster a few times a week.  We try to also take shorter showers since we sometimes each have to take more than one a day because we play sports.  We also do not leave the water running while brushing our teeth to save more water.  One thing that we need to work on is trying to accumulate less trash.  We have to take out too much garbage a week, which probably means that we are wasting products.  This is obviously bad for our environment.  One other thing we can work on is even though we do not use as many bottled products as we have in the past we can still lessen the use of those because we have been able to lessen our use of paper goods so this will definitely be possible.  Overall, it has been a good experience so far and we enjoy helping our environment.

Brittany Martelle, Kate McDonald, Brooke Coderre, Jessica Hurd
E5 Sustainability Residents


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