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Glee…that show still exists?

GLEE. Yes, it still exists. I’m not fully upset because I would not be writing a blog about a show I hate. Although, the first two episodes of the season have got me asking the question ‘how long will this show actually last?’ It is quite entertaining for numerous reasons, but also a little sad. In the past Glee has pulled on my heart strings in ways I never thought possible. I fear those days are over.

First of all, Chord Overstreet, who played Sam, is not on the show anymore and he was one of my favorite characters. He moved away, so obviously now Mercedes is single. No good things last (well not all of the time at least). Quinn dyed her hair pink, smokes, and is now different…for one and a half episodes. I knew that look would not last long. Her daughter showed up (finally) in the last episode. Sue is just crazy, but funny. She is definitely one of the best characters on the show. But her revenge for the Glee club has gotten a bit old.

The first episode had no story line, it was just a bunch of drama put together somehow. It did not make much sense…and of course they threw a few songs in there. They did a weird rendition of “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead,” it was okay, but they should have just sung it normally. Darren Criss, who plays Blaine sang “It’s Not Unusual.” He is one of my favorite characters and whatever he sings I love, basically. A random set of people sang “Anything Goes.” It was good, but the people were random and there was no warning that any of that was coming. So strange, but good. They sang other songs, but one just stands out the most. “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” from Hairspray is what the night was ended with. Rachel sang it slowly at the beginning…Have YOU seen Hairspray? To me, that song should not be sung slowly ever, because the upbeat tempo and how fast a singer can sing that song, is what makes it great. That probably sounds weird, but it’s true. Thankfully is was brought to its original state, but the beginning was a disappointment.

Tuesday night’s episode had only three songs. Thankfully they were epic songs or else I would have been even more disappointed. Watching Glee is sometimes difficult if you haven’t seen certain musicals or heard certain songs. They sang two songs from West Side Story, “Somewhere” and “Something’s Coming.” Kurt sang “I’m the Greatest Star,” from Funny Girl. Both musicals are some of my favorites. The episode got better as it went along. Finn was actually included in this episode, unlike the first one where we never saw him. Quinn turned back to normal half way through the episode and re-joined Glee Club.

So we shall see how this season goes. It will probably be full of ridiculous lines/music and just in general be ridiculous. Sometimes you need some ridiculous things in your life. I bet the season will start to get heart wrenching in a few more episodes. Until next time.

Amelia Walters
Pierce Arrow Blogger 

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