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Counting down the days

We all know the Boston Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup and well, if you don’t know that, what rock have you been living under?  I would love to talk about that but what hasn’t been said already?  It was the best, most nerve wracking thing ever.  The games took about everything out of me because they were so intense. But they won, and that’s all that matter. Although even as they won game 7, things didn’t seem real. After 21 hard-fought playoff games, it just felt like there was more to come. Luckily for me, some neighbors set off fireworks immediately after the game 7 victory which set me off screaming in celebration.

Then there was the parade (Amazing of course). I hate to admit it but I almost cried when I heard the goal horn go off followed by the goal song. That certainly got my heart pumping. It was so unexpected and that made it awesome.  The parade was missing one thing and that was the Dropkick Murphys playing on a flatbed.  I had to wait until the concert at Fenway to see the Dropkick Murphys and the Stanley Cup together.  A little off topic but the concert with the Dropkick Murphys at Fenway Park was simply incredible. No words can describe how great that concert was. And Lord Stanley and Shawn Thornton making an appearance for “Time to Go” just made it that much more amazing.

Okay sorry back to hockey…So yes, the Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup but here we are just a week away from Opening Night so let’s get talk about that. The roster hasn’t change too much and honestly, I wouldn’t even notice that Kaberle and Ryder are missing. Yes, I understand that they were part of the team and somehow helped this team win but I am not sad to see them go. Ryder has never consistently impressed me and Kaberle has never made me pay attention to him unless he’s screwing up. Those are the only major players that the Bruins let go. It was great to see the Sheriff Shane Hnidy suit up for the Bruins but I also knew he wouldn’t be back.

What have the Bruins done to better this team? Um…good question.  I understand this team won the Stanley Cup which makes this a great team and of course I have confidence in them, but a change could add to this team. I like all the players we have now and they all proved themselves in the playoffs but is this the team that can repeat? Not sure. I will always like to think so but things could have easily gone differently in the playoffs but luckily they didn’t.

Oh and the one player they did add was Benoit Pouliot. Really? Montreal Canadien Pouliot?  I don’t think he’s done anything too bad against the Bruins (except fighting Ference while still wearing his visor) so at least that makes him bearable.  He did have 30 points with 13 goals last season.  He can’t be worse than Ryder so maybe he won’t be so bad.  He could be that wild card that could make this team better. Let’s hope so.

As for the defense, there looks to be a battle for the last spot on the blueline.  Right, they added Joe Corvo too, forgot about that.  Chara, Seidenberg, Ference, McQuaid and Boychuk look to have solidified their spots but that leaves one open.  I list Boychuk in that but with his lackluster playoffs, a lackluster start to the season could see Boychuk watching from the press box.  That leaves Kampfer, Bartkowski and Corvo to battle for the last spot.  I consider a battle between Kampfer and Bartkowski with perhaps Corvo as the 7th D-man but Corvo is slotted into the 6th spot with Kampfer and Bartkowski battling for the 7th.  Being the 7th D-man must be tough but look at the success stories of Boychuk and McQuaid.  I honestly can’t choose Kampfer or Bartkowski they both would be great so we’ll see what happens.

Only time will tell and time runs out on October 6 as the Bruins open the season against the Flyers.  Let the games begin.

Kristin Carbone
Pierce Arrow Blogger 

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