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Last Freshmen Blog

Last night at Franklin Pierce…and I’m going to miss it. I would not change anything that happened for the world. I made so many mistakes and have learned from them all. The year is ending on a sad note because nothing I wanted to happen happened…but at least I got good grades, friends, and the best memories out of it.

I will really miss Mount Washington. The toilet paper and beer cans littering the halls, the screens missing from the windows, and horrid smells coming from 2north…all of it. Next year I am living in E6, which is great, but I will never be living with the same kids again. The friend bench is of my fondest memories. I have met most of the kids that I know here because of that bench. I will miss being next door, down the hall, or a few flights of stairs away from some of the best people I have ever met. The hookah, cigs, late nights, and fires in the woods will forever be in my memories.

I love how Franklin Pierce has provided me with a second home. All summer, I know I will be itching to come back. At home, it’s just not the same. Yeah, my friends are a call and a drive away, easy. However, I can’t annoyingly bang on someone’s door anymore without being a creep.

Here’s to the end of a great year. Congrats to all the graduating seniors, you will be missed.

Rachel Moon
Pierce Arrow Blogger 

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