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Panic! At The Disco delivers an album of “memories”

It has been a while since Panic! At the Disco has released an album. They released a few scattered singles, one of which was for the movie “Jennifer’s Body” called “New Perspective.” It was a new sound for them, but turned out really well. Brendon Urie (lead singer) and Spencer Smith (drums) are the only two left after the other band members left in June of 2009.

Their new album is definitely different from the last one they released, “Pretty Odd,” which was very mellow, while this one is upbeat and fun. I think they went through their Beatles-like phase and came out of it. This album is definitely like nothing they have done before, and although there are some similarities, it’s pretty new and exciting for Panic.

The first song on the album, “Ballad of Mona Lisa,” was released as a single and music video a few months ago. It’s typical Panic: a scenario played out in a song, kind of like “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” It is a little weird because it has a cynical vibe and a really upbeat chorus, but it’s a good opener to the album and a good single. If that was the only song you were to listen to, you would not be disappointed.

“Let’s Kill Tonight” is next. This is definitely one of my top favorite songs on the album. In it, they use hand-clapping which adds a fun feeling. It’s about showing that you’re original—”show them all you’re not the ordinary type.”

“Hurricane” is also clearly a story and a scenario being played out in song, reminding me of a Fall Out Boy song. They talk about anchors and storms, very “Folie a Due” of them. Hand-clapping and chants are included, but don’t be drawn away, because it is a full-flavor song. “You’ll dance to anything” is a somewhat random song line. But, Panic usually says random, amazing things in their songs. It ends with what I would call elevator music with a trumpet added in.

The fourth song, “Memories,” hands down, is my favorite song of the album. If you want another song to listen to, listen to this one. Urie’s unique and nearly flawless voice is showcased full-heartedly in this song. It is the first slower song on the album. It talks about memories and where they went. “It was beautifully depressing like a ‘Streetcar Named Desire,'” is probably one of the best lines in the album. It ends with violins; they always incorporate strings, which I really love.

“Memories” leads into “Trade Mistakes,” which has the same mellow sound with the presence of Urie’s powerful voice. Panic really has a way with clever lyrics, amazing melodies and rhythms, and just being original in every song. They definitely succeed in being different. There is a part where it decrescendos and Urie’s voice gets louder. Well done.

“Ready to Go (Get Me out of My Mind)” is another one of my favorites. It is fun with clever lyrics. It’s an up-beat song; definitely something that you can dance to. It has a really good beat and uses both electronic music and strings. Like most of the album, this song leads into the next song “Always.” It is a soft and mellow love song, and definitely the opposite of the previous song. Panic’s albums usually tell a story or numerous stories in one album.

“The Calendar” is also one of my favorite songs on the album. It’s the Panic I love. The lyrics are very interesting and intriguing. At one point Urie sings “summer’s on its deathbed.” I wonder if it has something to do with global warming and how summer really is on its deathbed. It ends with weird elevator type music.

“Sarah Smiles” is a cute song with snaps and claps all around. It’s a light fun song.

The album ends with “Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met…).” It starts with a teacher talking and goes into women singing in French, and organ music. Once you get past that strange sounding beginning, it’s a good song. It pretty much says that the girl, who I’m guessing they were talking about the whole album, is a regret.

Overall this is a good album. There are a few songs that really stand out, but the rest is average. Not bad at all for being gone for so long, Panic. I give this eight out of ten stars.

Amelia Walters
Pierce Arrow Blogger 

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