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Bruins…Ten Games Left

Okay so it has been way too long since I last posted but not much has happened, right?  Oh right, just that minor situation with the Montreal police investigating Chara.  Since that incident has been handled by the NHL, there is not much for me to say.  Do I think the hit was dirty?  By no means.  Do I think Chara should have been suspended?  If he had, I wouldn’t complain about it, either Montreal fans would complain about (and they are).  So that’s that.  We’ll see what happens when the Bruins take on the Canadiens tomorrow…should be interesting.

Here we are…ten games lefts in the season.  Where has this season gone?  It seems just like yesterday it  was October and the season just started.  I guess time flies when you’re having fun right?  But are we having fun Bruins fans?  I must say that I probably come off as being pessimistic towards the Bruins in the blog but I always have in my Boston Bruins.  I may say things need to be better and what not but it will take A LOT for me to lose faith in the Bruins.  Sometimes, I just want things to be the best they can be in order for the Bruins to succeed in the playoffs.

Right now, Boston is sitting in third place in the eastern conference and is all but guaranteed a playoff spot.  The new Bruins (Kaberle, Peverley, and Kelly) have found this place on this team and I can’t say I’m upset anymore with the trades the Bruins made at the deadline.  Peverley has been the most surprising to me.  He is solid on the penalty kill and the line of Peverley-Kelly-Seguin has looked good as of late.  Peverley’s  shorthanded goal against the Columbus Blue Jackets was a thing of beauty.  Peverley has definitely added the most to this Boston team with Kelly a little behind him.  However, I am still not satisfied with Kaberle.  He just has not brought enough to team to make a difference.  I really hope Shane Hnidy gets some playing time in place Kaberle.  Hnidy is guaranteed to make smart plays, hit everything he can, and be the Sheriff on the blue line and the bench.

But  once again, I do not make the decisions but I really hope the Sheriff gets some ice time down the stretch.  It’s not going to hurt the team at so why not put him out there?

This Boston team seems like the ones of the past few years minus last year.  Last year, we were on top and then blew it against the Flyers in the second round of the playoffs.  This year is those years when the team has its up and downs but you have very moments when you say ‘that’s the team I have been waiting to see.’  So what do I see the Bruins doing in the playoffs this year?  I don’t feel like predicting that.  Let’s just wait and see…

Kristin Carbone
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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