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Music Mailbox – Ashlyne Huff: Ashlyne Huff (EP)

For this week’s blog I wanted to introduce you all to a new artist that I’ve just recently discovered named Ashlyne Huff. I became a fan of Ashlyne’s after hearing her most recent single “White Flag.” “White Flag” is a great pop track in the vein of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.” It’s pure, fun, pop music that just makes you want to get up and dance. After hearing and falling in love with this song I decided that I needed to learn a little more about Ms. Huff and I discovered that she had already came out with an EP in 2010 and that “White Flag” was the first single from her upcoming debut album. Since there’s no telling when the album is going to be released I decided to review her debut EP and give you all little preview of this promising new artist.

Even though it’s the first single from her debut album, “White Flag” is actually Ashlyne’s second single. Her first single “Heart of Gold” is on her self-titled EP and is quite different from “White Flag.” “Heart of Gold” is an up-tempo pop-rock number. It has a heavy guitar element that is far from the dance laced pop of “White Flag.” Don’t get me wrong though, this does not hurt the song in the slightest. “Heart of Gold” is a very catchy number that you can both rock out to and dance too. Ashlyne shows this through her music video for “Heart of Gold” which is one of the most impressive pop videos released in the last year. I am more than willing to admit that the video is a big reason for why I love the song so much. The video contains a full dance number, a very interesting theme, and in the end is just plain cool. It might be one of the best debut pop videos I’ve ever seen and think it’s a terrific way to introduce Ashlyne.

“Heart of Gold” is followed by the irresistibly catchy “Trippin’ It Up.” This song is pure fun. It’s one of those songs that you turn on when your roommate is out and you just want to have a private rock-out session. Unfortunately though, that’s where the EP hits a very rocky point. Since a typical EP has only a few songs on it, it’s important that the songs are all stand outs that leave the listener dying for more.  Huff’s EP however, stalls after track two and goes into three songs that are nowhere near as good as the previous two. This disappointed me because with an EP you only have a few songs to show your stuff and I don’t think that Huff takes advantage of this. Tracks three through five are all fillers and while they are sung beautifully they are not stand outs and could cause a first time listener to eject the album and give up on Ashlyne.

On the upside though, the closing track “Comeback” is another great pop jam that, while not as strong as “Trippin’ It Up” or “Heart of Gold,” is definitely a good time that brings the EP to a fun ending.

While I’m a little disappointed with Ashlyne Huff’s self-titled debut EP, “White Flag” is a spectacular pop song that shows Ashlyne has finally found her niche. I still recommend a listen though. “Heart of Gold” and “Trippin’ It Up” are definitely songs that no pop-rock fan wants to miss out on. I think that Ashlyne Huff has the ability to be a very successful pop singer and if “White Flag” is any indication, the album is going to be a good time. So for the Ashlyne Huff – EP I’m going to have to give six pop –tarts but don’t let that deter you from giving Ashlyne Huff a listen.

Jeff Payne
Pierce Arrow Blogger


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