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Ravens Basketball vs Bentley!

Tough way for Seniors Kinard Dozier and Jeff Manchester to end their careers in Crimson & Grey. We will miss them on the floor next season, but this is a young, athletic Ravens squad that can only improve! Thanks for tuning in for our coverage. Stay tuned to RSN for more Ravens action.

Ravens fall 74-59 to Bentley

1:40 2nd Half – FPU is able to pull within 15, trailing 55-70

5:46 2nd Half – FPU still down 63-41

9:49 2nd Half – FPU fighting to stay in this one, now down 62-36

13:37 2nd Half – Bentley has opened up a 30 point lead, looking unstoppable from behind the three point line 58-28 Bentley

16:35 2nd Half – Bentley forces an early timeout after two consecutive three point plays 51 – 25 Bently

Second half underway

Halftime – Bentley running away with it at half 43-22….A lot of work for the Ravens to do in the second half

7:29 1st Half – Ravens need a timeout to re-group down 28-16 now

10:15 1st Half – Ravens down 20 – 14

14:57 1st Half  –  Ravens down 11-4 early

Men’s Bball vs Bentley next, we’ll keep you posted on that game

Marielle Giroud led all scorers with 35 pts! And added 13 reb. 35 POINTS! Jewel White also racked up 26 pts and 20 reb. Monster afternoons for those ladies, as FP beats the NE-10s best.

Jacqui Brugliera led Bentley with 32 pts and 13 reb. I didn’t think anyone would outscore her going into the second half, but…

Wow what a finish! FP defeats their rival Bentley, the only team in front of them in the standings, 90-87 in OT! It must be February at the Fieldhouse! Marielle Giroud with 35 big points!! Unreal game


Great D by White, FP ball, fouled, 2 shots to seal a W

17.4 sec left. Bentley ball

Gets em both! 2 pt lead for FP

20 sec left! White gets the reb. Gets fouled, 2 shots for the lead!

Bentley ties it at 87 and force a jump ball, getting possession right back.

White 3 point play! FP up by 2

85-84 Bentley with 1:30 left in OT. Terrible call by the ref gave Bentley 2 free throws to take the lead. For FP, after a bad missed 3 by MacDonald, everyone seems afraid to shoot, except Giroud with 34 points! Shes poised

5 min OT period is underway

MacDonald’s runner just misses, we’re headed to Overtime. What a game. 78-78

WHAT ! Bentley with a roller in. Tie game! FP ball. 4 seconds coming out of the time out! Its win time

She makes 1. Time out Bentley, 10 sec. 78-76 FP

1 pt game. 20 sec left. Bentley has to foul. MacDonald to the line shooting 2

2 pt game

1:27 76-72 FP. Bentley is hanging in there. FP needs to stay with Giroud and the hot hand. She has 31 points! White with 19 pt 16 reb! Wowzers

2:35 Jewel White 3 point play. 3 the other way for Bentley, 6 pt lead FP

3:05 “Marielle Giroud is an inferno!” 3 by her, 73-67 FP. Turn over Bentley

3:57 Bentley seems to be only looking for 3s and they’ve gone cold. Over the back foul against Bentley, FP to the line shooting 1-and-1s the rest of the way

5:02 Its the Marielle Giroud show! 28 points, FP by 3

5:33 Rebound White, Saab 3! Plus the foul. FP Takes the lead on the 4 point play! Giroud the assist! Time out Benltey. 68-67

6:06 Giroud again with a layup, then a block the other way, and she takes it the length of the court, fouled for 2 free throws! She gets both, the lead is only 3!

6:56 Marielle Giroud for 3! “Giroud with the game of her season!”

8:00 FP cuts it to 6 on two Saab freethrows

We should explain that currently, Bentley is in first place in the NE-10. FP is tied for second, technically in second because they own the tiebreaker. But this game and the final regular season game coming up on Wednesday could flip-flop the top two spots

FP is missing that defensive intensity they had in the first half. The offense is coming back slowly, but its back and forth back and forth. Time out Bentley

10:32 That being said, Bentley is up by 10. Better 2nd half for them

May I just say that these teams are good. This game is a treat. Two teams that hate each other and both brought their A games today. What a match up

Time out FP

13:00 Bentley with an open 3 pointer. Up by 9

RSN Broadcaster Joe Landini: “FP has lost all offensive flow here in the 2nd half.” Bentley up by 6

16:04 Bentley takes their first lead. 48-45, time out FP

Hot start for Bentley. Tie game at 43-43

Getting ready to start the 2nd half. Jewel White already with a double-double!

Halftime. 41-36 FP. Bentley ends on a 4-0 run. Great defense by FP in the first half and hot shooting to start give them a good cushion at half against the No. 17 team in the nation.

1:02 6-0 run by FP out of the time out. Good hoop by Jewell White, and the foul! To the line for a 3 point play! 41-32

3:22 Bentley climbing back, FP cooling off, trying too many 3s. 3 pointer good for Bentley’s leader Kim Brennan, 34-32 FP. Where’d that lead go? Time out FP

6:40 Cowen draws a charge as Bentley was deep in the shot clock. Great defense by FP on that possession!

7:54 Bentley cuts it to a 10 point lead, time out FP

10:17 Bentley out of the time out scores a quick 2 and gets into a full court press

Marielle Giroud is leading FP in scoring so far with 7 points

11:01 Wow! 3! Brittany Martelle just into the game and she gives FP a 14 pt lead. Time out Bentley

11:40 3! Amanda Saab! Ravens up 10

12:27 3 by Marielle Giroud! Ravens up by 11. I hope they maintain this inspired effort for the rest of the season

13:59 Awesome! Jumper by FP’s Kate MacDonald. 4 straight points for the Ravens. 14-6! Time out Bentley

15:37 Very fast start! FP comes out on fire. up 9-4 on great shooting

Ravens Sports Network is here at the Fieldhouse! Lots of energy in the gym today. Big match up for both sides in the great rivalry between FP and Bentley. Playoff implications on the line in the Women’s game

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