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The Grammy’s were on Sunday February 13th. The night started off with Lady Gaga coming in an egg. She said she was incubating, and would not talk to anyone. The show started off with a tribute to Aretha Franklin. Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Florence Welch (from Florence and the Machine), Martina McBride, and Yolanda Adams all sang different Aretha Franklin songs as solos and together. I think this was a good choice of women in music now to sing Aretha Franklin songs, and it definitely showed a wide range of music. I was surprised to see Florence there but in a good way because I love her and her voice.

Now onto Lady Gaga’s performance…it was not as crazy as I thought it was going to be, compared to her other performances. At least she didn’t hang herself again. She came out of the egg she had been in, and she sang her new single ‘Born This Way,” which is pretty good. I used to not like Lady Gaga but she has definitely grown on me and I appreciate her music more. I’m not a main-stream music type of girl, but I have a few exceptions. The song is similar to a Madonna song, and her performance and hair/costume were Madonna-like. She was wearing a nude-colored, plastic costume thing. It was supposed to represent an embryo that just came out of the womb or in this case an egg. Her dancers were also in the same type of costume. Lady Gaga’s dancers are ALWAYS incredible and so talented. She has them do weird choreography but it’s fantastic! I also love that Mark from So You Think You Can Dance is one of her dancers. Love him! They’re performances are always mind-blowing to me.

I love that Justin Bieber didn’t win anything. He doesn’t deserve it right now…how old is he? like ten…he’s got a few more years to go. Yes okay he’s kind of talented but so is a dancing squirrel. I like when other people cover his songs because it usually sounds better.

Paramore, Train, Glee, Arcade Fire (whom I’ve never heard of before, but are not really main-stream which is awesome), Muse, The Black Keys, and others were nominated for Grammy’s. Although Paramore and Glee did not win anything that was pretty cool that they were nominated. Album of the Year went to Arcade Fire, pretty cool seeing as not a lot of people know who they are. To name a few: Record of the Year went to Lady Antebellum; Best Rap Album went to (no surprise here) Eminem; Best Rock Album to Muse; Best Pop Performance by a duo or group went to Train; and Best Alternative Album went to The Black Keys. Rihanna and Lady Gaga were among the other winners. Rihanna’s performance with Drake was okay, she is not the best singer live. Katy Perry’s performance was pretty epic though. She has improved a great deal in her live performances in the last two years. I used to not be able to watch or listen because her voice was so bad live.

***My favorite performance of the evening was of course by Mumford and Sons. I am in love with them and they are even better live! Then of course when Bob Dylan came out to join them! I know he’s getting old and can’t really sing anymore but he’s still awesome! Give the guy a break! Best performance of the night in my book…I am in love with Mumford and Sons!

That’s all for now!

Amelia Walters
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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