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Friends don’t let friends contaminate: Get Involved and Recycle!

Welcome back!  This is my first blog of the semester.  So many things are going on in the realm of Sustainability at FPU, but I will share a few now and expand on the rest in a later entry.

Recycling efforts are underway again this semester.  Many environmental science students were able to take the recycling mini-tour, showing where, how, and what to recycle on campus.  Anyone that would like to take the tour, just call me at X4255, I would be happy to assist.  As many of you may know, contamination in the dumpsters has led to a decrease in recycling pick up by our local recycling company.  Contamination occurs due to plastic shopping bags, paper, cardboard and plain old lovely trash being tossed into the commingled dumpsters.  I know so many of you are trying, but it really is important to understand that without a strong group effort, all of our recycling will be put into a crowded landfill.  So, please remember ONLY plastic (1&2~ look at the bottom of the container, inside the little recycling emblem, and if it says 1 or 2, we recycle it!), aluminum or tin cans, and glass bottles (please…no other glass objects, like broken mirrors, etc.).  Bring your paper with you to class.  There should be a paper recycling bin (blue) in every classroom, as well as a bin for bottles and cans (green).    IF YOU DON’T SEE ONE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Cardboard can be recycled in the bin behind the Raven’s Nest.  We also recycle clothing in the big yellow bin in the RavenCroft parking lot, and “techno-trash” (old cell phones, computers, gaming systems, etc.) are recycled through me, just give me a shout and I will either pick them up or you can bring it to my office in Marcucella 210.

Please, this is such an important cause.  We don’t have room in our landfills and we don’t have the atmosphere to spare creating new products from scratch.  Lend a hand. Friends don’t let friends contaminate.

Where does your trash go when you put it in the dumpster???  A fab student I was able to meet on one of my tours, Andrew Tolley, shared this piece with me, check it out when you have time. Thanks, Andrew!!!!!!!!

Until we meet again…..

Michelle Comeau
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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