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Men’s Basketball vs St A’s

Thanks for tuning in to the live blog! Catch more action right here during the Hockey game tonight at 7! Also live on Franklin Pierce Radio and the athletics website

Only 3 more games, 2 to win to avoid the dreaded history-maker (least amount of wins)

FP wins, FP wins! Manchester nails the “F U” shot at the buzzer, LeBron style. They beat the #2 team in the Region!

57.8 sec 81-67 FP leads. Now is the time the game slows down as St As looks to foul and try to climb back. We’re walking to the foul line each time FP gets the ball

1:05 Injured St As player on the floor. Inadvertantly struck in the face. Trainer is looking at his jaw as he walks off

Berube: “Lots of smiles on the Ravens faces right now, something we’re not accustom to seeing this season”

1:42 Great work by FP on defense causing turnovers and quick scores. FP up by 11. “Weren’t they down by 10 multiple times in this game”

2:11 Dozier missed another free throw. Thats back to back games with 2 misses from the stripe for the senior captain who had a near-perfect rate at the line

2:48 Jeff “from downtown” Manchester a deeeep 3 with 1 on the shot clock. 8 pt lead. Block on the defensive end

3:29 Offensive foul against ST As! Damola ABU with the bucket, FP up by 5. Berube: “Thats how you use the full shot clock and still score. No more empty possessions for FP”

4:51 Dozier hits a 3! 3 pt lead for FP. First in 10 min

6:00 Tie game! Tie game!  Jean-Guillaume pushes the break for a lead, out of controll out of bounds. Some contact. Good no call.

8:13 Jean-Guillaume with a deep 3! 11-2 run, 2 pt game! RSN Broadcaster AJ Berube: “Crowd liked that one!”

8:51 Blackwood hits another 3 and causes a steal, feeds ahead to Jean-Guillaume. Good hoop and the foul! Converts the 3 point play. 9-0 run, 3 pt game

9:40 Dozier throws up the alley. Jean-Guillaume not there for the Oop. oops

11:46 The two teams trade 3 pointers. Andre Blackwood hit ours. Great ball movement

12:46 Ravens fall down by 11. Time out

Back to an earlier point about Big Shot Van Oostrum, as a redshirt freshman last year, he hit a full court shot to win the intramural basketball championship.

13:48 He missed the 2nd shot. Thats my fault entirely.

13:48 Dozier at the line shooting 2. Hes in the top 10 in the nation amoung free throw %

15:03 And they get a 3 to bounce in high off the front rim. 8-0 run, time out FP

15:34 St As on a run, up 5 again

18:20 Second half underway. FP up by 1!

8 sec FP turnover, St As layup to end the half. 6 pt lead for the Hawks at Halftime

45 sec Manchester hits a 3! FP within 4. Missed shot St As, FP holding for final shot

1:33 Van Oostrum with a 3 to beat the buzzer! I know from experience that man has a knack for big shots

2:09 BANG! St As 3 and they go up by 10 just like that. Time out FP

3:03 Big basket and the foul! St As coverts the 3 pt play. Up by 5

4:03  Back and forth now, St As back on top. Overheard in Athletics: “Surprised we’re hanging with this team..” – St A’s ranked 2nd in the REGION! FP last in the conference.

7:17 Back to back 3s put FP up by 1! Time out St As. Momentum swing!

9:50 Good drive by Van Oostrum and an off-balance bucket puts them within 4!

10:09 Not the response FP was hoping for. Still within 6

13:54 FP’s gonna use a quick time out. 4-0 run by St As and poor shooting the last possession. Selfish play

15:30 Sweet up and under by Jean-Guillaume!

18:00 We’re underway Ravens down by 1

And the Ravens are 0-4 this season against the teams remaining on their schedule

Its unfortunate but the Men must win 3 of 4 remaining games to avoid the worst record in DII program history (8 wins)

Maybe you’ve seen my article in the Exchange this week about Men’s Basketball on the ropes for worst record in program history

For those just joining, this is PMG Sports Director Casey Williams courtside at the Fieldhouse today

Men’s Basketball is up next, T-minus 5 min

Marielle Giroud led the team with 14 rebounds

Jewel White led FP in scoring with 17 pts

But perhaps the team just needs a bump on the head. They’ll have a long postseason run coming up, one loss could help them refocus and pull together

FINAL FP loses by 4. Overheard in Athletics: “Never in a million years did I think we would lose to this team.”

4:34 We’ve had some technical difficulties but we’re back online and on FPTV. Word is you can see the game off campus now too! But, we’re getting beaten pretty good

19:00 Jewel White opens up the 2nd half scoring. FP ran layup drills during the break

HALFTIME St As with a surprising 5 pt lead. Ravens with some work to do

1:59 3 by Martelle pulls FP within 5. Time out St As

5:00 St A’s on a run, up by 6. Time out Ravens

Interesting point from our broadcast team on the sub for Martelle after she missed her first shot. Disagreeing with Coach, she needs to keep shooting. Time out on the floor

8:05 And again! Great pass inside

8:40 Jewel White so agile down in the post, ties the game at 14

 11:00 3! Amanda Saab ties the game at 11

19:44 We’re underway! FP on the board first!

If you’re tuning in at home, Franklin Pierce is wearing their new Pink jerseys for Breast Cancer Awareness Day!

Hello Fans!  This is PMG Sports Director Casey Williams, sitting courtside at Women’s game!

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