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The Beginning of Second Semester

Alright, this is my first blog in almost four months. I have made a lot of changes in my life since then; good and bad. I have definitely been having a lot more fun. I have a more manageable work schedule now, which leaves me at least one free weekend night to spend at Franklin Pierce. The rest of the weekend consists of me slaving away finding old ladies shoes.

The end of last semester was hectic. I was sick for finals week and most of break. When I finally got home Christmas and New Years went by fast…and then the countdown to come back to school began. It was SO boring. Even with all of my friends home with me…there was just nothing to do, I felt so useless.

Coming back from break was great at first, especially with all the snow days. There was definitely a lot of…shenanigans. Haha. I think a little too much, and now I’m worn out. I’ve been slacking off on homework, I have bills to pay, taxes to do, boy dilemmas, and I’m sick. I think it’s time to get going on all that…tomorrow.

Rachel Moon
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