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Super Bowl Sunday Fiasco in the world of music and entertainment

That might be over-reacting a little bit, but overall it was not the best night in entertainment, besides the game. I didn’t really care because the Patriots weren’t in it, but anyways…First off, half-time show. The Black-Eyed Peas/Fergie ruined it for me, the best part was Usher and his wonderful dancing. Thank you Usher for rescuing a horrible performance. Then it just got bad again. I love how the theme seemed to be “Tron” (not really). Random people with lights on them, so fun…it did look pretty cool when you could see everyone on the field dancing and glowing. I saw some people not in-sync with others though…and…Why did they chose to the Black Eyed Peas? They aren’t that big right now. Maybe I’m wrong, but they could have picked someone better.

And then there was Glee…so I personally think there was way too much hype for the Super Bowl episode. First of all, the beginning wrecked the whole episode, or was a foreshadowing that the episode would be mediocre. The cheerios did a routine to Katy Perry’s song “California Gurls.” Someone should have been singing it. The best performance was “Bills, Bills, Bills.” As of now Blaine and Kurt and the boys’ school is the best part of the show. They mixed “Thriller” with some ridiculous song…you don’t mix “Thriller” with anything! They didn’t even do the “Thriller” dance…but the dance was good, I must say. I loved the costumes and the makeup, as well. The commercial they did was quite similar to their JUMP commercial for mattresses. Don’t get me wrong, I liked their commercial.

Sue Sylvester’s character keeps getting more and more insane. At one point she mentioned she had “raccoon hormones” injected into her. What? Just what? That’s even funny, it’s stupid. Then her rampage through the high school, and not to mention she wanted to shoot Brittany out of a canon; She is crazy.  ATTENTION SPOILER ALERT: I hated that Finn and Quinn kissed. Can we please not go back to that, please? She is adorable with Sam, and Finn should just get over what Rachel did and go back with her. And once again I am disappointed in Glee. I feel like this is a pattern though. The first half of the season is not so great, then out of the blue they get amazing! Like the first part of season two, the last five or so episodes were phenomenal. We are stuck at another roadblock of is it worth it to watch it? Yes, I will continue to watch Glee hoping that will improve and situations on the show will get better.

[P.S. The “Silly Love Songs” episode was very good, I thoroughly enjoyed it… “Silly Love Songs” and “Firework” were amazing…so far so good. Unfortunately, Finn and Quinn were confused about their feelings for each other still, poor Sam and Rachel. The second episode saved the first one.]

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