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Egypt. A country set in the midst of the middle east, far, far away from the United States of America. Though yes as I was set next to the Nile and behind the Giza Strip in my hotel I was surprised to turn on the television, flip up one channel and see an American movies: Cheap by the Doze II. Who would have thought such a thing. In a Middle Eastern Country that there be American media forms.

I continued to keep an on the TV channel named “Channel 2” which played American movies over the next couple days and I saw everything from the original Batman and Terminator, to Deuce Bigalo Male Gigalo and of course Cheaper by the Dozen II. I began to wonder the impact these movies being played in Egypt would have on the citizens. Would they watch these as pure entertainment or would they take away the perception that this is what American culture is really like. That families really have 12 kids, that they, that to be a hero you have to blow something up, and that it is common to be a male Gigalo? I hope not, but the media we use as entertainment may be used to change or alter the Egyptians perception on what American culture is truly like.

Furthermore, while walking around Cairo and Luxor I stumbled across many authentic Egyptian stores, shops and restaurants. I mainly only ate the Egyptain food, however, I did stumble across many American restaurants, stores, and shopping areas.  So many I was overwhelmed and in somewhat of a culture shock to see so many American stores in a Middle Eastern country. This goes back to my notion I had at the start of the semester that the world is becoming more Americanized in terms of media and communication systems. I was also surprised to see the amount of Egyptian people actually eating at the Friday’s restaurant or shopping at Toy’s R’ Us. I decided to take photos of all these stores for this portion of my blog.


Nicholas Vitukevich, Assistant Editor-in-Chief
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