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How To Recycle at Franklin Pierce University

Last Friday October 29th 2010 the Eco Club held a Fall Forum. One of the main events at the Forum was the Stop Contamination Campaign. This refers to the recycling on Franklin Pierce Campus. This is very important because it turns out that they have stopped picking up our recycling dumpsters as recyclables picking them up instead as trash!! Commingle recycling dumpsters seem like a good idea but not if people aren’t following the instructions!

So I want to help set it straight so that we can get recycling back on our campus!

Tip One: You can only recycle number 1 and 2 plastics. You can find the number on the bottom of most plastic bottles, milk and juice jugs ect. It is usually in the center of the 3 arrows that create a triangle. Make sure the CAPS are OFF!

Tip Two: Don’t throw your plastic bag in there! I know it’s hard because you want to make a nice easy trip to the recycling, but try and use a bin with no plastic bag inside it because the bag can’t be recycled.

Tip Three: There is a cardboard recycle bin outside the cafeteria, I know its hard for those of you who live in LV to truck all your cardboard up to campus, but look at it this way: you go up to campus for class everyday (most of you take the shuttle or drive) all you have to do is bring it up once a week.

Please try your best to recycle properly!!! It truly is important and it makes a big impact on the Earth!

Rebakka Milles
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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