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Stepping in and Stepping Up

The Bruins have played six games so far this season and things are looking pretty good.  After the team back from Prague, they have gone 3-1 and their play of looked solid.  Their three wins have been by two or more goals.  The one loss against the Rangers may not have been their best game but it is bound to happen throughout the season, so no worries there.

I must say that as of right now I am satisfied with the play of Michael Ryder and Blake Wheeler.  They were my two question marks coming into the season and so far I have noticed them out there on the ice which is what I have asked of them since mid-last season.  They are slowly but surely getting to where they need to be to truly help out this team.

Jordan Caron has also been incredible for the Bruins.  I’m not sure if people knew of Caron coming into this season but everyone hopefully knows his name by now.  Caron has played every game except the season opener.  With Caron playing, Paille is the odd man out with McGrattan sitting in the press box.  It’s good to see Caron able to step in and step up to bring something to Boston.

If there a cause for concern on this team, it would be the injury to Johnny Boychuk.  He will be out for about four weeks with a broken bone in his arm.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think Johnny is a great player.  He’s smart, physical, hard-hitting, and I never feel nervous when he has the puck.  But I have to say, I’m not terribly worried about what will happen when Adam McQuaid steps in to replace Boychuk.  McQuaid, in my mind, is very similar to Boychuk.  They are both big, physical players.  From the few times I’ve seen McQuaid in Boston and the many times I’ve seen him down in Providence, I have complete confidence in our new sixth defensemen.  He will in no way replace Boychuk but he will certainly fill in and do what he needs to do to help the Bruins win.

Overall, the Bruins have looked much better since the season opener in Prague.  After losing the first game, they went on a four-game winning streak including two wins against the Washington Capitals.  The Bruins did lose against the Rangers and it was not their best game but like I said, it is going to happen.  And I know I am that person who will from time to time jump on the team for playing bad but it is early on in the season so I need to give them a break.  Either way, I like where this team is right now.

Kristin Carbone
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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